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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


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Clairwil Oh

Thanks for noting my Kickstarter project, New Media! I appreciate it.

I recently published THE HOUSE OF DEBAUCH Gothic novel to both Amazon and Wowio Comics. In about a week it will also be available through Barnes & Noble and the Apple Bookstore.

It is a satisfying, visceral experience to hold an image in my hand of something that I "saw" in a virtual world. Not quite documentary, but deeper than mere illustration...printed images are a concrete record of an ephemeral experience.

To others who might wish to try Kickstart, I suggest that you ask others to help you distribute the information before you start the clock ticking on the project. I started a bit too late to get the word out about the Kickstarter project, so I may not make my funding goal.

But, anyone who is interested in collecting the prints may contact me at any time for prices. Next year, I will offer a weekend class through one of our local art community groups, Laguna Gloria Art, on how to print their digital images using vintage techniques.

Cordially Yours,
Clairwil Oh (Clair LaVaye)
[email protected]

AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/House-Debauch-Adventures-Struggle-ebook/dp/B0044KM3FM
WOWIO: http://www.wowio.com/users/product.asp?BookId=7122

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