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Thursday, November 11, 2010


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Wizard Gynoid

my biggest question is, "how much does it cost me to build in Blue Mars?" and secondly, "why charge your content creators?"

soror nishi

....well, it costs me nothing because I'm locked out by my Mac.

Rusalka Writer

Yep. Zero interest until the door opens to OSX.

Aka Aya

No interest to give support for distributed wares in two different virtual worlds. To much work.

Milla Michinaga

Same here, until I can develop with my Mac, I have no interest.

Vooper Werribee

As a developer of roleplay games systems in SL I'm basically interested in when scripting functions will be introduced in Blue Mars that match or come close to those found in LSL in SL. Until that happens Blue Mars is just pretty scenery and a sexy looking version of a 3D social networking site sush as IMVU.

Bavid Dailey

When I can use my Macintosh to explore Blue Mars I won't have an opinion about whether I want to develop there, whizzy cloud demos or not .

Bavid Dailey

Bah UNTIL I can use ....

Oliver Szondi

Not interested until the tools have been simplified, currently the system requires you use a Crytek engine sandbox mode system, there is not way of simply building unlike sl where you can simply rez a prim and start from day one, with this you require to purchase or make sculpties inside the system from blender import them into bluemars and then update them every time, updates arnt live and it takes ages to process just one simple additon, for now ill pass.

Arcadia Codesmith

If I weren't interested in creating for Blue Mars, I wouldn't slam it so viciously for failing to meet my expectations.

But for now, I'm back to trying to get the free Autodesk Mod tool to spit out sculpt maps for other virtual worlds (yes, I've tried that. Doesn't work under Win7).

Talia Tokugawa

Linux support.
From the sound of this post Blue Mars is in serious need of developers. Now excuse the generalisations here but designers use macs and coders use *nix. Neither are supported. There is only support for higher end windows gaming machines.
People complain about Second Life being just for people with decent machines and they complain more when bells and whistles are added that increase the minimum specs. Blue Mars is even more specialised.
Basically although this post is kinda saying "we want content creators" the games requirements says "we only want serious gamers". So on top of pushing away people by the requirements to play they also push people away that could potentially play by the fact they are shutting out a big chunk of what could be their potential market.

Henri Beauchamp

Blue Mars is a no-no till its viewer can run under Linux.


forget it until they build a Mac version. Forget it until I can make money there.

Dedemona Enfield

LOL, Hamlet.. I just found this post..

I was very interested during their beta phase... and they blew me off.... twice. Well, I can take a hint, smiles. Presently I have no interest.... Hmmm.. unless.... How much do they pay?

.. and it seem to me that everything I read about BM basically says that someone just did what was done in the Linden Grid years ago. Sort of a celebration of me-too-ism. Recent case in point: Ball U immersive.. etc. Yup.. been there, done that in 2007.

It reminds me of grade school incident: one child brought a silver dollar to Show and Tell... all shiny and bright.. Wow.. really cool. The next day, another child brought in two silver dollars. Ho hum.

ta ta.


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