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Friday, November 19, 2010


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The "Explore" button appears now. I don't get an error, but still, I can't log in.


WOOOT i got access!! but my connection is not quick enough, i onsly got 2MB download stream. Im sure its lovely but at the moment, meh who cares...

Nine Warrhol

THIS WORKS! wooooot! Ty so much! :D

Nine Warrhol

Being someone who has only used SL on a very good computer a few times..this is jaw droppingly full of win!

Super fast and graphics were streamed to me high/ultra. VERY fast!!

I want MORE. lol

Ghosty Kips

Does work. My connection is speedy - but my computer sucks, and the system may not be able to tell the difference. Code 400, and booted. :/

Arahan Claveau

Been trying to get access for days without any luck, this tip worked for me first time.

Much thanks!

Tinsel Silvera

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who received a message telling me that my network is too slow. ( I too have a 2 MB download stream) If this service goes to public offering Linden Lab will have to address the issue of slower hookups being unable to access and figure out a way to accommodate all. I am guessing odds are I will not be able to enjoy Blue Mars either when it rolls out its cloud based streaming. Thanks to SPM for figuring out the work around. It was fun trying.

Chimera Cosmos aka Liz Dorland

I suspected that speed might be the issue when the intro video took quite awhile to load. I switched to a browser with fewer tabs open and it worked right off. But our home connection gets 10 MB on a bad day.

Great tip to bypass the first checkpoint. I got booted with that error a few times during sessions , but it let me start a new one right away. Each one is limited to an hour, but you can head back in as a different guest on the same email.

It was amazingly freaky to go to places I've been like Svarga, but on the web in that anonymous Guest avi while chatting with SL regulars.

Interesting possibilities. I favor Grace McDunnough's theory of the instant portal that attracts newcomers to explore deeper into the full-blown SL experience.


I have a 10mbs download stream & it said my connection was too slow and kicked me out after a few minutes. I wonder what % of users have a fast enough connection. When it was working it did not look or run nearly as well as the normal viewer not to mention all the limitations.

Personally, the only use I see for this is to show people stuff in SL without them having to install it & create an account. This could be very useful but without being able to navigate to a SLURL or search for specific locations it seems pointless. Not sure if they plan on adding that later.


Got on in first try using Comcast. Nice responsive interface.

Kind of annoying that they automatically kick you in one hour even, when it should be obvious to them when you are actively using the system, and kicking without offering a dialog asking if you want to stay connected.

Why not let you in with your own account? Why not display the inventory? (The guest account does auto accept items offered. Someone made the mistake of giving me money when I asked for their help to test what would happen. Don't know if the money was returned when the guest acct died.)

Why restrict where the user can go to only a handful of preselected boring sims?

These particular limitations seem rather likely to not be imposed by the back end but rather by choice of page design. Might there be concern within LL that the majority of existing client users will immediately switch to the web interface and pose ball all their alts simultaneously? ;>>

CronoCloud Creeggan

I still can't get it to work on Linux, could be a 64-bit issue, but I did get it to work on Windows.

No Mini-map, I rely on that soo much, and no location bar the guest also can't accept TP requests.

But one of the destinations is Winterfell and I ended up in the Winterfell Community Center at the south end of Winterfell Anodyne:

I was able to figure out where I was and took my regular avatar there.

From there I was able to fly to Coughton Court in Caledon. The web client handles region crossings VERY well, and some windlight effects (the pretty water) are enabled. Also, you can't seem to accept scripted item requests, so no dancing. Streaming audio is on by default.

Roland Legrand

I tried it here in Belgium and it worked just great! Also action stuff such as surfing, flying etc went well. This really seems to be a major development, it will make it a lot easier to convince people to try this out...

Adeon Writer

Hopefully this won't let more in than LL intended.

Therese Tammas

Work around doesnt work for me:(- It does pop up the email address entry page, and then says "Loading Web Viewer", but then it redirects to a page taht says "Connect to Another New Session" or "Start Full Experience, Join Now".....Not able to actually explore Second Life.

Ah well....

Marco Mugnatto

I keep getting "Startup error code 51"... :-/

Marco Mugnatto

That was on Firefox/Chrome. On IE 8 I get "connection speed too low".


Why it is so user friendly thing?
Pasting some code from html?
I registered another name in sl to join the beta and email i got didnt said a word about copy paste trick.

Guess what..?


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