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Saturday, December 04, 2010


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Alfonso El Sabio

Must have performed 3 live gigs in SL this year!? And you're allowing performers who do covers but must do "SOME" original materials?

What a freaking joke! If that's all it takes to qualify for this, then we now know one of the biggest problem with the Second Life music scene. This is more about promotion and posing that about the music. This does a huge disservice to a large group of musicians out there.

I'm really disappointed to see this happening...

Hamlet Au

I work with some SL music experts to select the very best nominees for the final survey. So being minimally qualified doesn't mean a nominee will end up in that list. But then again, even Nirvana started out doing Led Zeppelin covers at a one-off private party.

Komuso Tokugawa

I don't think it's inclusive enough.

I think it should the entry barrier should be lowered to include ANYBODY WHO'S EVER THOUGHT ABOUT PLAYING MUSIC IN SL, on their iPod or, god forbid, an instrument (one of those unhipster analog things you actually have to learn how to play! ugh!)

Also you need to widen the categories to GarageBandGuru's and SampleLibSommeliers, with possibly a hat tip to LiveLoopLibraryMixers...

It's a brave new world of musical mayhem out there, get with the program.

Winter Jefferson

Live Electronica DJ - can't go past Nexeus Fatale. I've been to a few of his Thursday nights at Rouge and he really knows how to get the room moving.


Commizar Janick

I don't think Chouchou really needs any introduction they are by far one of the most impresive Second Life acts I've seen that really utilize the medium.


Female Rapper Tomgirl Eulerを推薦します。彼女は、とてもクールでホットな曲を聴かせてくれます。

Tomgirl Official Blog


Sanny Yoshikawa

minoli Destiny

The lylics written by minoli are pure and innocent.
My 8 months old son loves to listen their music as nursery songs.
The group leader TakaC Schumann is known as a SL-Jedi.
You will find how much they love SL when you open their blog.

And...minoli Destiny's most recent song "Mori risu- Squirrel in the forest" was inspired by SL creator Risushipo Jun's renowned squirrel avatar = ME :)


You Tube

Azul Draken

Radio Riel has several DJs who play these genre amoung its various streams. Y'all might want to check them out at http://radioriel.org/

Alfonso El Sabio

Komuso, you crack me up! Aldo would agree with you and add al Ableton Live and Plogue bidule users, too!


The Black Stripes is very cool band.

sakon Barbosa


現在はPARADOX PARADEを結成してライブ活動してます。



Mireille Jenvieve

MoShang Zhao is an amazing musical artist. His unique electronica is so soothing and yet so energizing...it is sweet to the ear and moving to the spirit. He responds creatively to sounds in his environment, bringing together his considerable talents in composition, performance, and production to offer listeners a beautiful blend of sounds.

Recent works are striking as he mixes in lovely ancient poetry as introductions to new pieces that carry the beauty of the poems...and more. Visit him here to learn more and to hear tracks from his newest: Further East (http://moshang.net/soundjeweler_blog/). MoShang is called the "Sound Jeweler" for a reason: each work is a brilliant gem.

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