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Friday, December 10, 2010


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Ann Otoole InSL

Hard to believe. Really hard to believe LL would go against US law. What would be really good is if LL would explain what they are doing and planning. Currently all transparency with LL has been ended except for the snowstorm project. Jack has not even shown up for his OH for 2 weeks. Maybe they really did fire him. How would anyone know with LL no longer communicating?

Adeon Writer

I was hoping LL would re-legalize it given recent events. Awesome.

Ron Overdrive

@Ann Otoole: It seems as though the one who lobbied for the law, ie the major casinos, are now lobbying to make exceptions in the anti-online gambling law. This is most likely due to the economy being so crappy people aren't going out to Vegas or other major gambling cities so they need to expand their venues to attract more people. If the casinos succeed in lobbying the changes then LL isn't violating any laws by bringing back gambling because they'll be bringing it back in compliance with the updated laws.

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