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Thursday, December 23, 2010


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I just received a gift in the mail from an SL friend, granted I've known this person before SL existed, but still I've never met him. Rereading what I just typed makes me either sound girl or gay. Oh well. I'm not either.

Anyway, the picture at the top of this article is excellent. I'm on a two year old macbook and have been since I first logged on to SL. I know the graphics are crap on this thing but are those the level graphics under normal use I could expect from a newer system? If so. Wow.

Iris Ophelia

Coincidentally, I took that pic on my own 2 year old MacBook, Seymore! Moving isn't as smooth as butter with shadows enabled, but good enough for a few snapshots.

Laetizia Coronet

Exactly. I up the graphics to make snapshots and move around with less beauty to look at. Especially when flying or driving, and i do that a lot, the info comes way too fast to be processed properly if you don't set the standards a bit lower.

Fogwoman Gray

Have to chuckle a bit about the question of explaining SL to friends and family. I have discovered if you wax lyrical about 3D graphics, content creation, social networking and spend some time describing the intricacies of a really good graphics card - eyes begin to glaze in about 1 minute and nobody will voluntarily ask you about your virtual life again!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

What Fogwoman said. Nearly everyone I know under 70 and still lucky enough to have a roof over his or her head uses a computer. But there are "users" and "geeks," and most of us in SL are the latter.

Most academics are geeks, but even their eyes glaze over quickly because SL enjoys near-zero respect among non-SL colleagues and OpenSim is hard to explain. I found that for colleagues it's a lot easier to say "my research focuses on online communities and gaming" and that "I'm making a 3D simulation of Poe's House of Usher as a reading-lab for my classes."

Happy Holidays all.

Yuri Xootfly

Just a different angle on the SL job question/answer.... There are some SL jobs that either don't exist in RL or have an entirely different meaning. I am possibly the only SL escort I know whose parents are aware of her SL work. I compared it to phone sex. They don't love it, but I'm glad I can be honest with them.

If you're, oh, for instance... a slave auctioneer in SL? You'd probably have an even tougher time.

If you don't make your RL living on your SL work, there may be no reason to bring it up at all. But if you do, or you feel like you need to explain why you spend so much time in-world, I kinda like the idea of taking the geek angle and seeing how quickly they change the subject. :)

Arcadia Codesmith

I have to dissent. If you have a real world spouse and/or children, NEVER EVER EVER spend one SECOND of time online on a holiday that you could spend with them.

It doesn't matter if your kids drive you nuts and things with your partner are strained and the guy you've been hanging out with online makes you feel like a million bucks.

There is no clearer or crueler message to send to your family than the message that strangers they see only as text and pixels on a screen are more important than they are.

Real friends understand that real life has priority. And anybody who wants to compete with your real life is not your friend at all.

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