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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Arcadia Codesmith

It's not so much a resolution as part of an ongoing process, but I want to put some distance between me and my myriad online personas, and spend more time in the real world doing real things with my real family.

This conflicts somewhat with my idea to build a semi-authentic reconstruction of an Elizabethan theatre and use it as a performance space. But since I can't afford to do that with SL's ruinous tier rates, I guess it's a moot point.


My resolutions are...
1. Find a balance between working in SL and working in real world and Find a balance between working in SL and having fun in SL

2. Make my SL cost effective and find a way to make my money back.

3. Concentrate on what SL can do NOW rather than what it might do in future or what it used to do in the past. Appreciate what i have now in SL not what i might have in the future or what i used to have in the past.

4. Adapt well to change.


As someone who has launched a number of virtual world projects with technical support and consultants, I think I need to beef up my own skills so I'm better able to exploit the technology to its fullest and understand the challenges of working in this medium. Tossing up a prim with a web-page on it will only impress my clients and partners for so long!

I'd also like to be a part of bringing a new product to market in this space. Any developers looking to sell to government, education or nonprofit clients?

Laetizia Coronet

1 - Have fun in SL.
2 - Be more with people in SL and not just in sandboxes.
3 - See if I can make sculpties (You'll see that that I will pull it off just in time for them toe be superseded by meshes).

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

If you are going to fail, fail big. I said this at our VWER meeting on resolutions:

"I'm going to be less harsh to Linden Lab as I move on and do a lot more at Jokaydia Grid. Time to move on and all that."

Hah. Well, I will try try try.

Raven Haalan

Three items on my mind as we come at the New Year: a) Get more quality time, if not more time, with the folks that really count. b) Master two techs I don't know yet (currently Mesh and C# OpenSim scripting on the list) and c) Start writing more tutorial and wiki material, provide a high quality sample box or something like that.

Hope you all have a great and fabulous year.

Remington Soup

Finish editing my book, self-publish, promote it, get people talking about Hannah Arendt and Paul Tillich in SL conversations :)

Adeon Writer

Right now, the questions "Where is your shop in SL?" "Can I have a link to your blog?" and "What is your job IRL?" all have the same answer:

"I don't have one."

I want to change these this coming year. :)

Little Lost Linden

My resolution is to finally hold Linden Lab accountable for dynamic shadows. I've been waiting for them to be perfected in the 2.x viewer for far too long now. Perhaps Rod Humble will be the key to finally getting the dynamic shadows stable on ATI hardware in the main 2.x viewer.

Nexus Burbclave

As someone who tends to get stuck in ruts online and offline, one of my big resolutions for the year is to try new things. In a Virtual perspective this translates to:
1. trying out new worlds and platforms
2. discovering new people and places in the virtual environments that I already inhabit.

One more resolution that has a virtual context is seeing my ideas through to completion. To that end I hope to be unveiling something bigish some time in Q1 of 2011. :)

Bixyl Shuftan

Me and my friends resolve to be the ones who get you to work harder, Hamlet.

That and have fun while doing our jobs. ;-)


I'm stealing LokiLoki's:

1. Find a balance between working in SL and working in real world and Find a balance between working in SL and having fun in SL.

I couldn't possibly word it better myself.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

I will borrow a resolution from Crap Mariner; I will no longer waste my time on the Francis E. Dec of Second Life.

Dhughan Froobert

Give myself the freedom to create fearlessly.

Indigo Mertel

My resolutions for 2011: expanding the East River Community with more affiliated land owners (and we are doing good progresses there), seeking more collaborations with people for cultural and business projects in the community, increase revenues to cover tier, learning to model meshes and finally becoming a merchants and start selling my buildings. It will be an exciting year.

Thynka Little

1. Recover my health, after nearly losing my life.
2. Complete my Master's Capstone Project on virtual worlds for community-based education, so I can graduate
3. Secure enough interesting work to not worry constantly about paying for a roof over my head, food, and health insurance.

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