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Thursday, December 02, 2010


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Wizard Gynoid

fascinating. /me is waiting patiently for the chance to check it out.

Ghosty Kips

Doesn't render avatar shapes? No Windlight? " ... moving, flying, chat and IM," and not much else?

Sounds like a fairly crappy viewer to me. I have a p4 on 1G of RAM that can handle more than that.

Adeon Writer

This would appear to be the perfect platform to write LSL scripts on, if the script editor and rudimentary (read as: ultra basic) build tools are available.

Troy McConaghy

I think they're absolutely nuts to call it "Canvas". Why?

1) "Canvas" is a new feature in HTML5 - the element

2) "Canvas" is also a word used by Facebook: "When you build an application on Facebook, your application's primary page views come via the canvas page, an iframe hosted on apps.facebook.com."

In short, the word "Canvas" is already overloaded in the web development world. It doesn't need to be more overloaded.

Little Lost Linden

Sounds like we have a lot of viewers going backwards in time, what with Minecraft, Canvas, a few others.

Where are the ex-Linden's and other inovators that are working in the opposite direction, to push the envelope of todays systems?

That's what I'm waiting for. I want to see Second Life Pro, or Second Life Extreme.

Let's push those high end graphics cards to the edge and immerse ourselves in true virtual reality.

The Commodore Vic-20 was a great machine, but I'd rather not go back to those kinds of graphics when our current technology allows for so much more.

Laetizia Coronet

With my new laptop I was able to return to Second Life (this week - it's a scoop! I'm back!) and to my surprise that 'cutting edge technology' which made my old laptop useless for SL runs fine with all the trappings on a 700 euro Acer laptop. Which is on the low end of the market pricewise if you don't know what a euro's worth.
The era of the "power users who expect high-end visuals" is behind us. Makes me wonder what audience he's targeting. People with Win98 machines?

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