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Monday, December 27, 2010


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smiles large

sounds like the right guy to terminate the Lab

Arcadia Codesmith

Sounds like a man who has something between his ears besides an accounting spreadsheet.

This could get interesting (in a good sense, for a change).

Adeon Writer

Cute game.

brinda allen

Since I came during those heady days of 2007 when it was "your world...your imagination" we of perhaps necessity have been ruled by a paramount desire for a return on investment.
Spending a few moments playing the above game, and reading what Mr Humble had to say...I would tend to believe what @Arcadia Codesmith had to say. Let's hope that the 'money' allows him the time to repair "our" world.

Opensource Obscure

(( too bad this blog is always infested by trolls ))

It's encouraging to have such a person as CEO at LL.

With The Sims he demonstrated to be skilled with creation and management of products used by millions of people.
It also seems he knows that creativity and art are very valuable things for people, even when they have no commercial value (see video interview in the previous Hamlet's post about him).

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