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Monday, January 24, 2011


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WOW!!!!! What an honor! I don't know what to say, except - THANK YOU to all the fans out there who have so generously named MANX WHARTON the Best Live Music Act in SL.

It means so much to me that the turnout for me was so heavy - overwhelming, really - I want everybody to take a moment and recognize that there *were* other artists - talented, dedicated, committed artists - that deserved just as many votes as my humbling majority. And every night, all over The Grid, young, hungry acts are dueling it out in the scrappy juke joints and club shacks, just looking for a shot at the big time. Don't forget those kids, because one day they may be just as big as me.

One song can make all the difference in the world. My victory is proof of that enduring truth. I dedicate this harrowing triumph to those voiceless ones out there, yearning to just be heard, one time, in the din of our raucous virtual lives. I've known what it is like to be denied, and now I know that SL residents have voted MANX as the BEST LIVE ACT IN SL. It's all for you, fans of SL music!!!!!!1!!11!!

As a huge thank you to the SL Community for this humbling recognition, I am *keeping* my promise to perform a 52-minute extended version of John Cage's modernist classic 4'33" later this week. I hope the performance is as moving for you as this journey to victory has been for me.

See you on The Grid, hear you on The Stream -
Manx Wharton

Paisley Beebe

Ha Ha Manx you are brilliant :)

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