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Monday, January 24, 2011


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Fogwoman Gray

I would add to the person seeking to socialize in SL - find something you are really interested in and look for inworld groups and areas that specialize in whatever it is.
Love to sail - lots of groups and sailing sims, love to shop - tons of groups devoted to all sorts of shopping....etc
Some places even have welcome and orientation areas for newcomers, so if you have an interest in something look around! Newcomers areas are great spots to find help locating areas that are of interest to you.

Arcadia Codesmith

Speaking as an occasionally deeply IC roleplayer, I've said it before and I'll say it again; RP is not a license to be rude.

This applies especially if you're playing a character who is amoral, evil, antagonistic, chaotic, domineering, misanthropic, or brutish. If somebody signals or states that they don't want to interact with you on that basis at that time, stop. This applies even if it's another roleplayer in a roleplaying sim/world. 'No' still means 'no'.

Roleplay is first and foremost PLAY. If all parties involved aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong.

Coming from an MMO background, I can't tell you how many people have tried to excuse bad behavior by saying, "my character is evil". No, your character is an excuse. You're a jerk.

DMom2K Darwin

Fogwoman is right. If you have a RL interest odds are that it is also in SL as well so try the search to see what comes up.

Isle of Wyrms is a nice place to meet like-minded, very friendly dragonfolk and they have some great events. Try some of the Relay for Life events as they come up - not only is it for a good cause but you will meet very nice folk participating. Giant Snail races (tons of fun with some incredibly fun and crazy folk who will make you welcome right away and even train you). Virtual Ability is also a great place that has all kinds of events and a nice orientation area and they are very responsive and helpful to newcomers. You like puzzles, then try Numbskulla, Crux Isle or Mad Pea there are usually folk round the clock doing things at those places. Volunteer to help out during the next Burn in October, great friends can be made doing Greeter or Ranger duties together and the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) is always looking for new builders to make wonderful art cars. Take classes on what interests you, there are a multitude of places listed in search that offer free classes where you can learn different skills and meet new people.

Basically SL is what YOU make of it. If you come in expecting to be entertained, I think you set yourself up for disappointment. Go with your interests and you may find yourself amongst some very good friends and having an absolutely wonderful time.

Deoridhe Quandry

I found a lot of friends through chatty groups for stores I was in. It's interesting, because I'm a huge fan of chatty store groups, but every few weeks there's someone who complains about spam.

I also found friends through discussion groups and roleplaying groups.

Lette Ponnier

Although I've met a couple of people through Plurk, they're nowhere near the majority -- either of friends I have inworld or of friends I have in Plurk. It doesn't hurt to check it out, but I don't believe it's any more ideal of a meeting place than any within SL. Maybe you'll click with folks and maybe you won't... and you either need friends there already or need to know how to find and jump into others' conversations even to get started.

In my experience, making friends inworld is about consistency and being someplace where people talk to one another. People in clubs that seem cliquey at first may only need to see you a few times before they realize you hope to stick around and become warmer (though if there are more "HOO" gestures than conversation, there might not be too much room for it). I've made friends while going to discussion groups. 7Seas fishing contests are nice and chatty. If you're in any groups with active group chats, don't be afraid to join in. For instance, I've made friends while doing grid-wide hunts, but never during the actual hunting -- always from helping others and asking for help in the group chats.

Basically, you can make friends inworld anyplace where people are actually talking to one another and where you feel you connect enough to join in. That might be why Plurk works for some people -- because it's all about conversation -- but there are options inworld as well.

Jeroentje Jansma

Hi everybody,

my experience with meeting new people inworld is as follows,

I came to SL because I'm a techie, wondering how this 3D world worked..

Then I discovered that almost everything possible in RL is also available in SL. I like skydiving, I did it way back in the army, so I went looking for it in SL... Bingo!
Great community of SL (some of them also RL) skydivers. Friendly, helpfull..

Then I discovered fishing in SL, and again, I met many AV's (RL people from all over the world!), sharing LM's of fishing spots, etc..

Then... a though one.. I like windsurfing and sailing in RL. I discovered (wow, I like the "exploring" in SL) sailing in SL. It sounded difficult, and also expensive.. Do I realy have to by a yacht etc.. Nope.. many free sailboats, ranging from small to big, to start and experience the sailing in SL. How did I find out? By dropping by at a yacht club, where the AV's where realy helpfull and friendly to guide me in my first "steps" in sailing in SL.

Best thing of all, I met my RL partner in SL. She's from the other side of the globe, and now we are living together in RL for more then 3 years!

How did we met? Well, I discovered the skydiving, and was roaming the skydiving places in SL. She likes the (RL) windtunnel skydiving and was also roaming the skydive spots in SL. We bumped into eachother, got to talk (about skydiving ofcourse) and before we knew, we where on skype in RL to continue the conversation..

To me that is the great thing about SL. I meet people from all over the world, and (as an example) I'm able to particepate in a sailing contest with a very good sailing friend from Switzerland..

English is not my native tongue, so sorry for the mistakes ;)

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