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Monday, January 31, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

OK now i wish I had one. :(

I really like things like this.


Adeon Writer

Just bought it. Hoping to have some quiet time soon :D

Arcadia Codesmith

Audio is a killer app for augmented reality because we have the tech to layer it fairly easily. Visuals are still lagging for want of consumer-friendly HUDs.

But if and when we can electronically augment taste/smell, I predict a breakthrough market for dieters.

Bettina Tizzy

From the moment I understood what augmented reality was, I began to encourage SL's top content creators to look for ways to collaborate with AR developers. I still am. There's an exhilarating (and likely lucrative) future waiting them there.

However, I had not imagined that augmented reality might incorporate audio, so Dizzy and Inception (the app's) successes have taught me once again that there is no limit where there is talent coupled with determination.

You surprise me always, Dizzy. You AMAZE me. Proud to know you.

ColeMarie Soleil

Good job twatwaffle. I mean Dizzy.

Jamesh Reddy

I have LOVED watching the Inception movie that was then I became huge fan of Leo DCaprio. What an art the movie is. And ofcourse Dizzy created a brilliant app sure deserved such huge exposure great work!

https://getappvalley.com/ https://test-dpc.com/ https://tweakbox.mobi/

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