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Monday, January 10, 2011


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Very interesting - and my already significant interest and liking of Japanese culture just soared even higher... Death to Fleecebook!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

US Millennials could not be further from what you are describing: they extend who they are IRL. It's one reason why FB is currently so big here.

But the US is different from other nations in many ways, not all of them healthy or even sane.

Hitomi Tiponi

Reality and fantasy are less clear cut in many eastern cultures. Anime/manga isn't so much entertainment as an experience, and that continues into SL - for many westerners SL is just entertainment.

Little Lost Linden

"Very interesting - and my already significant interest and liking of Japanese culture just soared even higher... Death to Fleecebook!"

Agreed. Facebook needs to go the way of Myspace, much sooner than later.

oh, and chicken teriyaki served at most sushi restaurants is very good.

Laetizia Coronet

"most Western developers assume that Facebook integration is an important and necessary feature in their games and worlds."

I am more surprised at that than at what they do in Japan. Facebook is old hat. Developers should know better.

Mera Kranfel / Vesper Kling

I totally agree. To be open about your real life identity on the internet can be very dangerous. No one is running around the streets with you real name name, social security nr and phone nr above your head are u? No I didnt thinks so....

Anonymity is the future, Facebook is not. "Big Brother" sees you. =)

An Anonymous Japanese

One of the reason is, they should be, at least pretend to be, 'dedicated' employees or students. Once they are found by someone co-worker, boss, classmate or teacher, they will be considered to be lazy, double-faced person - no matter how thier activity is cool. In the worst case, they will lose their positions in their environment (And once it occurs, it would be very hard to find the 'next' especially in Japan).

Indeed, there are a few exceptions. One is the univercity or college students. Strange as it may sound, but they are, 'expected' to be 'having fun'  before starting job searching. Second, retired people, of cource they are no longer to be desired to be dedicated in the company. Some stay-at-home people might be able to reveal their reallife, but they are expected to be dedicated mom or dad, so many hide their reallife.

As for me, I have my page in facebook with my real name and age, but I can't write anymore about my real life. I used to use Mixi, which has 'real name' on the page, but I filled fake name in it, and as far as I saw, 50% of my friends have been doing so.

Arcadia Codesmith

Internet pseudonymity allows anybody to contribute to the community of ideas without fear of being pigeonholed due to their age, race, gender, nationality, appearance, wealth or academic credentials.

Of course this is threatening at a level below rational consciousness to an ivy-league elitist like Zuckerberg, coming from an environment where who you know is vastly more important than what you know. He may wear hacker threads, but his blood is establishment blue.

If the Japanese have an alternative to the oppressive intrusiveness of Facebook, here's hoping it succeeds in spectacular fashion.


less we forget. the 90% plus usage numbers of korean mobile vr "gameworld" CYWORLD.
and the spectacular failure of it to gain any users/usage in the US...as the next big thing --- cyworld usa

oh so long ago....lol . like 2007.

Little Lost Linden

I so wish this could happen to Facebook like...NOW!


Facebook, go away!

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