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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Looks lovely but is it perhaps wrong for machinimas to present Second life turned up to 11 since i assume only a tiny percent can see SL like that :).

Psistorm Ikura

I agree on that. Heck even with a hd5970 I can barely breach the 20FPS mark with shadows enabled once there is anything much going on on the screen.
Heres to hoping LL will optimize the renderer and subsequently their prim tesselation routines (since with vertex lighting becoming obsolete, there is no need for the excess segments anymore).


@Psistorm Ikura
Actually i think this machinima has some scenes speeded up. Its one of the tricks i sometimes use to get a smoother scene when there is far to much on screen for the viewer to handle :) Although it can be quite arty to speed up film.

Hamlet Au

Loki, I really go back and forth on that question. If I ran screenshots and video of what Second Life actually looks like much of the time for me, I'd be running ugly gray blobby pics.

Hitomi Tiponi

I can get shadows working decently well on a secondhand dual core 2.13 machines with a Nvidia 8600GT card - yes a 3 and a half year-old mid range card.

On my other dual core machine with an Nvidia 260, machinima to the standard you show is easily possible with Viewer 2.

I get fast rezzing and low lag - but from reading comments on the various forums and blogs I do wonder why lots of other seem to have a very different experience.

Arcadia Codesmith

Much of SL's core demographic is running legacy hardware... and by legacy, think less dual-core and more Pentium.

There's nothing wrong and a great deal right with leveraging the power of the latest and greatest GPU's, but at the same time, developers should invest significant time and effort to make sure that things purr at minimum specs.

Masami Kuramoto

Hamlet, you report this as if Kirsten added those effects. He didn't.

Deferred rendering has been part of Viewer 2 from the very beginning. That includes shadows, unlimited local lights, textured spotlights and ambient occlusion (aka. global illumination). There is nothing new in that video, and certainly nothing that is specific to Kirsten's Viewer.

But I guess praising Viewer 2 is not cool...


I tried Mr. Cinquetti"s viewer a couple days ago. It looks ok, but not really that much better than Linden's V2. I think it's mainly useful for screen-shots.
It deleted all my other viewers settings and then made me do a reboot when I uninstalled it. So kind of a boo for that. A third party viewer should be nice enough to make it's own preferences directory or at least not delete what's in your current one.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

From that height, Ahern almost looks like a normal place, without a nare-do-well or drama-queen in sight :)

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