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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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Now, this is a bit more interesting with gestures, and not trying to actually animate the avatars directly. Definitely fun watching every1 play around with the kinects. Imagine a white boy, who can't dance in RL, but his sucky dance moves trigger motion capture dance moves. Also, Imagine using your movement to trigger tricks on an SL skateboard. See, direct real time is good for some things, but I think triggers animation with movement is a much better way to go for having fun with kinect and SL.


That's so true. Actually the kinecthakcs only move your avatar with an AO - animation override. That's definitly cool but it will be more interesting if we are able to move object with it.
I have a dream : Build in SL with a Kinect :)

Adeon Writer

Very nice, but I am optimistically waiting for 1:1 control with the BVH heicharcy.

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