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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Marx Dudek

Or perhaps they should focus their attention on a social networking system that SL people aren't afraid to use and use often, *and* that doesn't insist on RL identities.

LL just doesn't get it.

Marianne McCann

Sorta like what I talked about over here?

Opensource Obscure

With the new Web Profiles, you can link your Second Life identity to Twitter - but not to Plurk.
Click here to request Plurk support in Web Profiles
(it's the official SL bug tracker: log in with your SL account, then vote)

Nedria Cyr

Noooo, don't even suggest LL buy out Plurk - they'll ruin it, just like they did with Avatars United.

Opensource Obscure

Wow, Plurk is really popular - after a couple of hours, the request for Plurk support in Web Profiles on the SL PJIRA bug tracker got 100 votes.

Anyway, Yoz Linden replied that currently Plurk lacks OAuth-style authorization APIs, and this makes Plurk support unlikely.
It may help to ask Plurk if they can do something about this.
Using the contact form seems a viable option:

Moggs Oceanlane

I sincerely hope that LL does not purchase Plurk. I want it to last.

I love that it's not just avatars on there as while I mostly use my account to communicate with other SLers I have a few real life friends on their and some people who share professional interests... and others whom I have discovered through shared interests or just because they are interesting/quirky.

I think Plurk works because it's a micro forum rather than a micro blog... so facilitates discussion and helps build communities/networks *shrugs*

Raven Haalan

In my opinion, plurk.com has the secret sauce for short message community building, but there are two things to consider... the first of which is - what works for the existing users (and by extension, we can assume future users)...

... and then the other question is - what will work to attract new users? The SL plurk community is THE place to be to interact with other SLers, but it's walled off from non-SLers.

Growth has to be on the Lab's mind, and facebook would rock for that - but fist, the identity lines between our enthusiastically metaversal selves and our actual selves needs to crumble.

... that's not gonna happen without a lot of de-stigmatizing and clarification and de-sensationalizing of SL and the like. I think that's where the effort needs to go, not selecting a social platform for all of us to be together, alone, on.

I think the new CEO gets it. He's the first dude in the chair to position SL as a creativity tool convincingly. Here's hoping.

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