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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

If you reread his post you might notice he stated he has been in SL on an alt and enjoyed holiday activities. Safe to say there are some who may have already met Rod and just don't know it.

Troy McLuhan

I wondered what the new CEO would write in his first blog post. Would it be a couple of paragraphs of corporate-speak? Maybe just a quick hello-world? Maybe he'd ask people to fill in a survey?

I was delighted to see he's getting into SL so quickly - even doing some LSL scripting! I guess I knew he could code; he made those indie video games in his spare time.

One thing I worry about is whether he'll make any real friends in SL. As CEO, he must be cautious about any appearances of playing favorites. On the other hand, making friends and doing stuff with them inworld is a big part of the SL experience. I suppose he'll make friends at the Lab.

(Eep, I just realized I probably sound like his mother!)

Commizar Janick

I love the Animal House link Hamlet.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Parumper exspecta!

I'd have preferred a rider in crimson cape over a golden breastplate, with his gladius drawn as his steely eyes scanned the virtual horizon for signs of trouble for his Lightning-Swift Cohort, bearer of so many Imperial awards for service along the dangerous frontier.

But we get what we get. Salve, Hegemon!

Fuzzball Ortega

He referred to us as "Customers" not "Residents". That's awesome.

Got a good feeling about this year in SL, although I think it's safe to say that we shouldn't expect miracles right away......maybe next month......

Loraan Fierrens

If he's been on an alt for a bit, why... he could have been anyone... even someone who reads this blog. Saaaaaaay... I've always wondered who Ann is in real life. (<.<)

More seriously, I'm glad his inaugural post is about trying stuff in-world. I hope he'll be able to continue that and get a real feel for the character of the place and the nature of the tools.

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