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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Once we had FAAST, allowing mapping of kinect gestures to keyboard keystrokes, this was always going to happen quickly. Great to see it though :-) Next step is the continuous fluid copying of your body movement to the SL avatar, which would be very cool although I can't yet imagine how you would then control other features like the camera and the rest of the UI!


On reflection, as far as I understand it movement of other avatars when viewed in my AVs client are all animations that have to be downloaded like sounds and textures... so doesn't this mean that the existing architecture of SL would never allow the kind of fluid complete motion copying that kinect could provide? You'd be able to see the copying in your own viewer but no one else would see it? Or is there a way for the viewer to send actual bone positions through to the server and have those sent to all clients? I suspect not :-(

Rodion Resistance

Neat. But I wouldn't want to build a tulip using the gestures and movements of a real-world carpenter hehehe. *looks at his small thin arms* Hmmm, maybe I should.


Gwyneth Llewelyn

I definitely like to Kinect being put to good use :) Good find, Hamlet, this is really a breakthough!


I decided I didn't know enough about avatars and puppeteering so I read up and wrote up :-)

Bettina Tizzy

This is splendid news! Congrats USC ICT.

Wish it didn't require pre-animated gestures but it's a huge step for virtual worlds.

Arcadia Codesmith

Second Life has the capability to support realtime avatar animation (as opposed to animation triggers) via motion controller.

The open question is whether Linden Lab still has the talent to dust off and complete the puppeteering system and is willing to do so.

Most of the killer app potential I see in motion control depends on a robust physics system, extensive precaching, and optimized script handling.

I'm convinced that it can be done, but I'm not convinced that LL can do it.

Bettina Tizzy

@Arcadia, right on target. LL, get with it.

James Corbett

Can someone clarify this for me please. Are the basic gestures like waving, bowing and so on baked into the client such that they do not need to be downloaded and therefore will be seen reasonably quickly by remote avatars?

Bettina Tizzy

@James Here's what we could have in Second Life if LL completed avatar puppeteering: Realtime avatar animation, which everyone could see. We were so close to it once upon a time. Sigh. http://npirl.blogspot.com/2008/03/avatar-puppeteering-for-second-life-in.html

Eddi Haskell

Well for one thing, it should burn more calories for many Second Life compulsives whose only exercise comes from opening the front door for the pizza delivery.

My ovetaxed desk chair just said "please dear God get this for him now".

Cisop Sixpence

Looks like my human will really need to learn how to dance. Looks like a good way to get my but off the couch, maybe loose more weight.

Ener Hax

this is a fun thing! i love the hugging at 1:30 (me be a sap)

i think i'd get tired arms pretty fast! but i would love to see how building would be affected by this - it would be fun to build using gesturing =)

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