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Sunday, January 09, 2011


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CronoCloud Creeggan



Diablo owes slightly more to Gauntlet than it does Nethack...since it's an action game. Games like Azure Dreams, The Nightmare of Druaga and the recent Z.H.P are more nethack-ish.

Nethack can be played in tiles mode, also, it is possible to play a prettier GUI nethack by way of Vulture's Eye

Nexii Malthus

With 11 years gone since your wrote that, maybe you should check out the state of the art ASCII game, let me introduce you, Dwarf Fortress.

Interestingly, it's closed source.

What is really interesting, open source has acted externally, with advanced memory hacking (DFHack library) and prototype 2D and 3D 'Visualizer's. (They were OK'd by the DF founder as long as the visualizers don't seek to replace the game)

I put a link to the DF wiki in my name if you want to go learn more.


just a little info, the uppercase 'O' stands for ogres, the lowercase 'o' for orcs.

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