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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


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Fogwoman Gray

So "unique visitors" would report high numbers for places many people visit once vs places with large fairly stable populations, then?

Hamlet Au

Actually, I meant to write "unique visits", not visitors, and just corrected accordingly. Louis' system doesn't track unique users per se, just counts how many are in a sim at any given moment. I'd look at the difference between minimum and maximum visitors to gauge a sim's volatility. Most of them range widely, which I suspect suggests their national character (busy only during Brazil peak hours, for example.)

Cellandra Zon.

How do you know it's unique visitors and not the same people visiting over and over again?
I can honestly say that there are only three places out of the 20, That I've even been to. Tempura island (because it's beautiful) and Franks Place and Sweethearts, (because I love to dance).
I had never even HEARD of most of these other places, so I'm quite curious how you came up with these statistics?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

"Jaded Island": I have to go there just for the name...I've been jaded for the last two years in SL.

Chantal Harvey

I must be totally out of touch.. cos I do not know any of the sims mentioned.
I ll visit them asap.

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Scylla Rhiadra

And how many of these are RedZone sims, one wonders? I know of at least one that definitely is, and another that I am pretty certain also uses the system. All of that juicy datascraping swelling the size and value of zFire's database!

One wonders how many of these would *remain* in the top 20 if it became widely known that their visitors were being scanned and harvested into a large off-world database outside of the jurisdiction of the LL ToS?

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Very interesting!

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