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Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Tateru Nino

I've always turned down review copies of things. If I didn't think enough of it to pay my own money for it, why should anyone care what I think about it?

Strawberry Singh

Perfect answers Miss Ophelia, just what I needed! Thank you. <3

Stephen Venkman

Terrific post.

Diva Regina

I just discovered Miss Ophelia through a plurk by Strawberry. You're going to keep me checking back on NWN. Wish I could RSS just your posts.

Keep up the good work.

Hamlet Au

Welcome, Diva!

Laetizia Coronet

Next up - how to be a well-behaved Second Life political/social blogger? "Miss Ophelia, can I call the Lab's decision 'the usual baloney' or is it better if I offer constructive criticism?"


Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Dear Miss Iris,

I love this post and must add my worthless PS.

"Is it rude to write bad things about something I'm blogging, like should I only blog things I have good things to say about?"

Dear Two-Faced,

From one look at my avatar, you can tell I don't know diddly about fashion. But as an academic, I understand petty snarkiness, often wearing it like, ahem, a second skin.

So blog away! Be sure to save your snark for Linden Lab, if you must say nasty things. They can take it. What are they gonna do? Go "oh boo hoo" and close?

Also blog in the meanest way possible about any accessory with bling. Or Philip's avatar. Or me. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Ta ta, dahling,

Mr. Iggy

Chimera Cosmos aka Liz Dorland

Iggy, they could write a whole blog post just about your great hair. Be careful what you ask for! heheh

Sasy Scarborough

Really nice post, one thing I always tell bloggers when the asking for items question comes up, is that once you send the request notecard you have to let it go. If you get a response that is great, if you get items, that is wonderful, if you get to really know the designer and chat often, that is the most amazing outcome of all.
But if you get nothing, you cannot cry, judge, start hating on, or go on a boycott spree of the store... the designer may have never gotten it, they may have strict policies they don't make public, they may not read notecards that are not to do with customer service, or they may just be too shy and overwhelmed to know what to do with it.
So to save yourself all of the angst, if you are going to ask, you have to ask with a light heart, and never consider it a personal rejection, and never compare yourself to bloggers that may or may not get from the same store, you cannot know their relationships, they may have known eachother for years.


CronoCloud Creeggan

Very good post, Iris, and great reply there, Sasy.

Also it helps to be honest with oneself...I don't ask for review copies, because I don't deserve them, they are better sent to those who blog more frequently. But that's okay because I prefer commentary to "zOMG new release stuffage" posts anyway...for the most part.

But...if you want an honest private opinion on your stuffs/displays/store, I'll give it, and I believe in encouraging newbie designers, to a certain extent. There are things I would say in private that I'd never say on the blog, because the blog is what I like.

Ricco Saenz

I have a wonderful experience with a review on Men's Second Style that I could refer to as a good way to deal with things. Once, some stuff by me were reviewed on a post there. The post was, in general, very positive (I don't think that they review things that they don't recommend), but they did notice some small problems on edges that I hadn't seen before. Problems were objectively identified, I corrected them, contacted the blog back, they checked the new version of the item and updated the post. It was great, they were honest with their readers, I had a chance to be informed of a problem, I could correct it, etc. No drama, quite the opposite. I was really happy with the way things happened.

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