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Thursday, January 27, 2011


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Domchi Underwood

I wholeheartedly disagree. We don't need no stinking grinding in SL. It would be just another meaningless game that way. It's hard enough to create quality content as it is (it's always hard to create quality stuff), and if I had to grind for minerals as well... let's put it this way, Minecraft leaves me unimpressed and uninterested for precisely that reason; I see no point in digging for materials. It's an open-ended game where you gather rocks. The person with most rocks wins and can create a big pile of rocks. Yay.

Make no mistake - you can't do anything really useful in Minecraft. It's hip right now, and people are having fun exploring the ways you can arrange cubes around... but that won't last unless Notch doesn't reinvent it.

I suppose it's fun when you're a gamer... but creating stuff in Minecraft is in essence the same as equipping your WoW character with stuff. In SL, on the other hand... you can create anything. You can do stuff in-world that communicates with RL stuff. You can meet with your architect and walk through the your future house before it's built. You can run simulations that are too expensive to create without virtual world. You can train AI you're developing and have it communicate with real people. You can shoot machinima instead of rendering stuff in Maya. Sure, you can play dress-up with your avatar... but if that's all you do, you're kind of missing the really interesting stuff...

John Lopez

I disagree with Domchi's disagreement. I don't think SL would be improved by grinding equipment (so, partial disagreement I guess). I *have* seen plenty of the people who went "meh" to Second Life embrace Minecraft as a creativity outlet I never expected from them.

The comment above indicates that not only did Domchi survive the "different from every other MMO control scheme ever, but hey it works like Maya" travails, but can "do stuff in-world that communicates with RL stuff", which indicates a level of SL expertise I associate with "day job is technical in nature".

Not that there is anything wrong with that: I wrote SL scripted objects and sold them, so I can't cast stones at that perspective. What I can do is notice the glazed over look the "normals" get when I describe SL and my projects within it. Yet, there they are, frolicking in massive Minecraft fortresses with working minecar rollercoasters they built themselves.

Minecraft doesn't compete with SL at all. What it does do is bring a whole new cohort of 3D world builders into the fold, some of which will move on to SL or whatever the future holds for such endeavors. In that regard it is like Lego Universe... the more products in the space that inspire people, the happier I am.

Adeon Writer

I love Second Life and minecraft, and grinding has no place in SL. The day I need to grind a few hours to gather my scripting keywords...

Arcadia Codesmith

My favorite activities in MMOs are prospecting and crafting. I like the thrill of discovery from finding a precious resource (and I feel distinctly cheated by the current trend to put materials in predictable and visible nodes -- where's the fun in that?) One person's "grind" is another person's pleasure.

That said, I'd agree that it would not be ideal in a world where you also have to be a coder, graphic designer and marketer to make anything of note. It might have worked well if Second Life had an integrated toolkit that was easy and intuitive to use, but that never materialized and probably never will.

My ideal crafting system for an MMO looks like the prospecting systems of Project Entropia and Star Wars Galaxies, a basic creation system similar to the Spore editors, a deep customization system that includes a professional-grade mesh editor and 3D texturing app, and a way to distribute and monetize your creations like Second Life (but much easier to use).

And as for people who hate resource gathering, well, prospectors love people like that. I can get you all the iron you can use... for a price.


"Grinding" is satisfying because it taps into a key human desire.

We love being rewarded for our efforts.

The real problem is that this desire is very simple to hack. You can create environments that reward people for effort that is pointless ("Dig 1,000 holes!") while offering rewards that are essentially valueless ("Here's a gold star to stick on your profile!").

The trick is to simply fool the brain into *believing* that the reward was worth the effort.

And the most hilarious thing is that, once you get your reward, your brain *automaticaly* attributes perceived value to it because you *worked* so hard to get it!

"Wow, that was a lot of clicking on the screen to dig those holes. Huh. I have a gold star now. THIS STAR IS PRICELESS."

This trickery is called "making engaging games."

If grinding is introduced into a virtual world, that virtual world ceases to be a platform for open-ended use. It becomes a game. Period.

Maria Korolov

It goes back to the age-old question -- is Second Life a game or a platform?

If Second Life is a game, then game-like rewards and motivators make total sense.

If Second Life is a platform, then all those things would just be in the way.

Take, for example, your favorite blogging service: would you still choose it if you had to "earn" every letter you posted?

But Scrabble, say, wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun if you could have as many letters as you wanted.

However, I can definitely see someone starting a grid in OpenSim on this principle -- no prims for anyone until you earn them (so you'd have to use a custom viewer, with building turned off -- maybe a version of a Unity 3d-based viewer like Canvas or Rezzable). And the prims would be your building blocks -- pieces of wood, metal, or whatever.

Obviously, no hypergrid teleports in or out, either -- otherwise, people would smuggle prims in. :-)

-- Maria

-- maria

Arcadia Codesmith

"If grinding is introduced into a virtual world, that virtual world ceases to be a platform for open-ended use. It becomes a game. Period."

There's no open-ended use in Second Life. Never has been. You have to 'grind' for resources (land and prim allotment). The difference between SL and an MMO is that while an MMO allows you to 'grind' within the context of the world (trading time and effort for resources), SL requires you to either 'grind' in the real world for real money to invest in the world or game other players for their money.

There is no vw/game switch. It's a continuum, not an either/or binary.

Thre gods are control freaks who micromanage with their technology

Their role throughout history has been to communicate the god's wisdom given because of their favor so the entire family can progress when reincarnated. Effectively acomplishing this task may buy them a quality opportunity to ascend in their next life.
What about fucked up families where the man submits and the woman is masculinized? When the woman has adopted too many male charecteristics nobody receives the wisdom so necessary for progress to be made and the family remains near stagnant for that generation unless some epiphany is realized.
Your job as a future mother is to learn the god's ways and to help your child understand the proper way to live despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today's society. Without consciousous parents fulfilling this role the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their disfavor by becoming corrupted in today's environment.
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1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don't be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

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The gods are control freaks who micromanage through their technology. The "Man in the Moon" feature illustrating their benevolence quite frankly is inaccurate in the dying days of this or any planet.

The symbol of the false god Jesus is a cross.
The symbol of the gods is a star, perhaps with a circle.

A victim of the god's irresponsible use of their power::::
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-The exploited. The gods suggest they will only telepathically admitt any of this is true (based on level of favor) only after I die.

You fuckers need an epiphany. Like the species die-off wasn't enough? How about when we experience an massive closure of churches across the country?? When that day comes you will have waited too long. It will be too late.

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