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Monday, February 28, 2011


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Adeon Writer

Notch recently changed up map generation from "make it up as you explore new areas" to 100% procedural generation of an infinite world based on a single seed value. Not only does this allow for better worlds that are more cohesive, but also allows them to be shareable with a simple string, number, or word. :)

Dusan Writer

Hey - that's a different Zero he was agreeing with - was part of a very lengthy Twitter conversation about UI vs content as a driver for virtual world adoption.

@Zero = Ron Blechner not Zero Punctuation.


Basic point was the same however.

Hamlet Au

Ooops, thanks!


Want to make another Minecraft machinima?

sustainable architects

This is why I love After Effects, the camera movements are awesome. By the way, nice background music.

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