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Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Hanno Tietgens

Sounds most promising. Trying the SLurl above, though, my MacBook, its cache (or SL) did not open the SL viewer, but took me via the destination guide directly to Web Viewer Beta access on Safari. Now I'm a student with a backpack watching residents dance in London in my browser. Which is interesting too ;)

Lorran Fierrens

I was just there this evening with a friend of mine. What an amazing build... very freaky! It's like being in some gigantic, fractal orchid from beyond time and space. This is the sort of thing you just cannot see anywhere else. As my friend observed, it's the type of thing you cannot do in anything but a 3D world.

I would love to see more of these sorts of postings. One of the things I am passionate about in Second Life is to see all the amazing things people do in it. Second Life users are a terribly creative lot, even if it's just assembling a look for their avatars. I love to see what people come up with. This article is an example of why I read NWNs. I want to hear about these gems I might not hear about otherwise!

Foneco Zuzu

Indeed, and astonishing place, the ones that made Sl so exciting still!
And I made Lorran Fierrens Statment my own:
This article is an example of why I read NWNs. I want to hear about these gems I might not hear about otherwise!

jjccc coronet


heres my video i did of Parallel worlds

Laura18 Streeter

Aw very cool! I'll have to go see that!

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