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Monday, February 07, 2011


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Ahmad Hosho

Yes, all of that is past now, and things are gradually getting fine again, any way I am sorry, I forgot to say a big thanks the army who joined us back days, and helped us to protect the country, and bring back the national security through these hard times, when policemen were not there, why policemen disappeared at some night? a lot of police buildings were burn, and destroyed, I don't know, my guess policemen were attacked too, just like prisons buildings, and may be some of them were part of that, no body is sure who exactly was behind that. They are investigating everything now and hopefully in future we can find an answer.

Opensource Obscure

"In my real life I go down and do my duty in an informal security unit to help protect our streets"

This sounds really, really creepy.

Hamlet Au

What exactly are they supposed to do when violent thugs are roaming the streets and most of the cops are acting as bad as the thugs?

Rin Tae

Thank you very much for this report. It is difficult to envision what is going on there and while I came from a country that freed itself from a oppresive regime around 20 years ago now, I still strongly belive that no regime can keep in power if the population decides that it is time for them to go.
I have been way too young to even remember those times however. So I only know it from books and the tales of my parents and their friends.

The situation in Egypt both fills me with hope for a change to freedom and democracy and fear for the people who are living through such chaotic times and have to go down to the street to defend their homes and loved ones from violent thugs.

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