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Thursday, February 03, 2011


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Laetizia Coronet

Designers could add a little brand logo to their stuff, just like in RL. That way, customers can see if an item is sold in the shop where it belongs, or if it is a ripoff.

Personally I shy away from shops selling a myriad of unconnected items (you know, three sculpty trees, a couple of tops, two houses, a car and some poses), especially when there are very diverse skills needed to make all of it. Chances are it's "gathered up" instead of created.

smiles large

There is not a functioning marketplace in SL anymore, what you see is ruins within waves after waves of designers leaving the platform... the online SL Marketplace is there to make the picture just a bit fuzzier and to funnel what's left of the staff with Starbucks money... the ruins are there and can't be missed.

Nalates Urriah

I disagree with smiles large. The Lab is changing to make SL more of a social network and market place for virtual goods. Over the last couple of months my sales have started to climb. I'm doing better than ever before. I did have to make changes to the transferred information, to get to work better with the new search... However, there is still lots to do and functionality of the Market and Search are both missing a lot.

Laetizia Coronet may have a point. I think it is rather shaky. If one also considers the age of the avatar, which it self is shaky criteria, it might be a little better. In my almost 3 years I've made a house, clothes, scripts, furniture, sculpty furniture, and other oddball things. What I think are the best of those items I have for sale, which makes for a few of each category. But, I made them all.

I say age is shakey because I know creator-merchants that use multiple avatars to help manage inventory and provide some insurance against total loss if inventory when SL hicups. One might think that means one avatar would have all of one category of a product. My experience is while most of us may make an Alt in an attempt to be organized, we just aren't that organized.

As Iris says, it is hard to know. Those making false charges based on over simplifications and their ignorant self-rightist do-gooder ideas create a fair share of the misery in SL.

While one does not want to allow abuse of original creators, one needs to be sure they know what they are doing before making charges.


Great post Iris, if I could mention one thing. Please please please when looking for the owner of a shop, check the vendors/items in the shop, NOT the land group. Lots of shop owners rent land, from people like me, and im'ing me because you never received your boots will do you zero good.

Adeon Writer

One great way of spotting copybotted content is the inspect window. When you inspect multi-prim content, you can see the creation date of each prim in the content. Copybotted content typically has them all created in a matter of 3 to 4 seconds, while real content has the timestamps all over the place, often spanning hours.

Adeon Writer

"Designers could add a little brand logo to their stuff, just like in RL. That way, customers can see if an item is sold in the shop where it belongs, or if it is a ripoff."

And if I must say - along with selling things no mod and no copy, this is the third way you can make me not buy your stuff - I avoid branded clothing in SL just like I do in real life. :)

So be careful with that idea. It's not a good one in my book.

Iris Ophelia

Adeon that is SO TRUE and I can't believe I overlooked it. It's so important that I'm going to add it in right now and credit you. :D

Brookston Holiday

The one problem with the inspect window is content created by importing sculpted prims. I sell a boat that is 99% sculpts; as a side effect of importing it from offline, it looks like all the prims were created at the same instant, because it's a copy of the same prim with a different sculpt map applied to each.



In addition to what Brookston mentions, I would think that recolors of similar items might also have all the prims rezzed in one go. Perhaps I'm mistaken?

Iris Ophelia

That's why I tried to use "weasel words" like often and usually, because there are always some honest exceptions. None of these are 100% positive ways to identify botted items, because if it was really that easy no one would ever be fooled. The point is more to identify potential red flags and encourage people to look more closely at what they're buying.

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