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Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

Colemarie Soliel (who has an album out. How many of those above do?)

Komuso Tokugawa


Tinsel Silvera

I have never seen any of these performers in Second Life. However I have read about two of them. Does that count for a vote?

Chestnut Rau

@Ann Otoole Quite a few of the performers on the list have albums out.

Komuso Tokugawa

@Ann Damn, I didn't realize that "having an album out" was on the checklist for determining musical credibility in pixel land!

I've been meaning to do it but I thought prim hair, leather pixel pants, and hair tossing animations were more important so I was putting most of my energy there.

I'll start working on my album right away! I've moved it to the top of my todo list...well 2nd but it's right below my cool new ascii fan chat spam project I'm working up!



An Album!
What an
*•.¸('*•.¸ ♥ ¸.•*´)¸
.•*♥`• AWESOME °• * ♥.
¸.•*(¸.•*´ ♥ `*•.¸)`*•.¸



I'll get on it right away!
Will that keep me in the swimsuit competition?

Crap Mariner

@Chestnut Rau

Yeah, there was this site once, can't remember the URL, but it kept track of those kinds of things and such. *shrug* Oh well, back to work.



Crap Mariner

... and if they have a track on Amazon, you can send it to someone as a Valentine gift with a $2 promo code:


Which, I suppose, is a back door method of supporting an SL live musician if they have an album on Amazon, you send the track, and they pick up the royalties.

You take what you can get, I figure.


Ann Otoole InSL

well komusu your personality sure says a lot. The profanity gesture says it all. When you make your album be sure to name it earwurmz lol.

June Stormcrow

How about none of the above?

Komuso not kumusu or kumuso or ...

@Ann I don't know about profane, I just clipped it from my sl live gig chatlogs. I guess someone was commenting on the quality of my work, or maybe the lack of it! So it goes!
"Earwurmz" sounds like a great title! Ty for the suggestion!
But maybe I'll just do as a song, which is more appropriate today than the outmoded, outdated, sales concept known as an "Album" which in a lot of cases (but not all) contain one good tune (known as the single) surrounded by crap.

Komuso not kumusu or kumuso or ...

Or maybe i should say one really really good song surrounded by filler material in order to justify a higher price might a more accurate desciption of the now dead album concept. It's a meme past it's sell by date.
Time for new thinking as to how an artist creates and releases the pieces that will eventually stand as the record of their body of work, is my point.
Singles, duos, trios, machinima, animation, interactive, generative, games....who knows?

Exciting times for creators.
The record industry is dead.
Long live the music industry!


Cole Marie Soleil is my favorite.


Cole Marie Soleil is my favorite.

Crap Mariner

American Express is getting into the game, offering a 5-song rebate for iTunes:


Quite a few of those folks listed above have albums on iTunes. Good way to grab some tracks and enjoy.

And the Amazon offer appears to still be going on.


Bixyl Shuftan

Hmmm, the two I've listened to were at the bottom.


Hamlet, hon, I still think you are missing so much from your reader input.

You had 39 posts here http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/01/favorite-second-life-performers.html#comments

I love live performances in SL! and check out performers almost daily.

So, when I log in and search "- Events - Live Performances", why have I not seen many of these musicians?

I'm just wondering...

Chestnut Rau

@Leondra Many musicians do not bother to list shows in the very very broken SL events listing. They get the word out via their own groups and the many inworld live music groups. There is a *lot* that goes on that never, ever gets listed in "- Events - Live Performances"

Eli Schlegal

Winston Ackland has many "albums out"... hasn't played a gig in SL in months, but STILL gets my vote because he's that kind of awesome.

Triana Caldera

Where's Zak Claxton? He's my favorite - hands-down.

Suzen JueL

I had NO IDEA this was even going on! Imagine my surprise when someone at the Naked Acoustic Sessions (in it's 5th year) mentioned it while Nance Brody (FAB MUSICIAN) was performing...so i click on the link and see my name, and Grace Mcdunnough and many other Great Musicians!
i did not vote for myself......
But someone did ask, do we have CD's yes!!!!
I have 2 cd's on iTunes (without my wings and....Certain Kind of Mad) ..Suzen JueL
and one on my website.......
Thanks all for even thinking of me.....it's just a thrill to be written about again by the great WAGNER....!!!
Peace all and have a super week!

Mary Polonsky from Secondlife

Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico....of course! NO OTHER SL MUSIC PERFORMERS CAN COMPARE!

Bea Topaz

My favorite singer in SL is Lollo String and I don't understand why he isn't in the list.

GenocideX Larsson

hmm..I see a lot of shows and don't know these people...with the exception of Skye.
My faves are Edward Kyomoon, Max Kleene, Amforte Clarity, Music Oxygen, Don Cabassoun, Don Galaga, Essence Bellisimo, CraigLyons Writer, FunkyFreddy Republic, and Franklee Anatra

Hollys Chevalier

Phemie Alcott seriously needs to be on that list.

Hamlet Au

We had several open forums over the last few months, so then would have been the time to suggest these names. But we'll have another reader poll at the end of this year.

AldoManutio Abruzzo

What a joke...

Between Cypress and myself, we probably have more albums released (on iTunes or direct or whatever) of live performances from SL...this is yet another meaningless PR exercise...Komuso and Crap have the right attitude...

"Fame is but the breath of the masses, and that oft unwholesome"
J-J Rousseau who, to the best of my knowledge, has never performed in SL.

Geo Meek

I can tell you who needs to be on this list is Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico.....

Phoenixa Sol

Niko Donburi, no one has a perspective on SL quite like Niko with his hilarious parody songs. I'll be back when it's nomination time, for now I'll click for Komuso.

Ann Otoole InSL

Looks like the poll fight is on between the top 2!

It's a race!

Suzen JueL

Live Music Events is a bit unreliable to search for Musicians....p.UNLESS the venue puts the name of the musicianin the subject part of the post....for example "Skye @ Lost Continent" or something of that nature. I don't often join a musicians group, because so many of them are posting on facebook, second friends etc..... as @Crap mentioned, many of the above names DO have CDs and Crap always knows the good codes for the best deals to give as much back to the Musicians as possible.
The Music industry is not dead, it's only Changing...

Suzen JueL

and it's true that we all have our favorites....and they are not listed on here....and some of you have never heard of any of the names above....many of the names above have been around since SL Music started!
It would take A LOT OF PAGES to list ALL "MUSICIANS" in Second Life, there are many!!! BUT if you look at the sidebar, there are more threads on SL Music, and if you check out the musicians pages, you'll find More musicians that they mention as well, for example in my SL Profile, I have some of my favorites listed in picks......because there are SO many to hear, and for many of us
not enough time to hear them all!!


I have not seen nor heard of any of these artists, I was Expecting Mando,Max, Ed or Mankind.. But I voted after watching the Videos

Crap Mariner

"It would take A LOT OF PAGES to list ALL "MUSICIANS" in Second Life"

*shrug* 90 so far have written me with info to post... so many more, but I only add those who give permission to add them. Totally opt-in.

Tinkered with a PHP-MySQL project for a bit to build up a database of them, but so many others last year were working on projects... KoffeeKidd, Molaskey's, Rezlez, I gave up on it and worked on other things. Why duplicate the wheel?

Not seeing any public databases at the moment, so I guess I'll watch and see if this new Community Portal and My SecondLife and Web Profiles allows for tagging and aggregation. That way, folks can just keep their profiles updated with the relevant socnet/purchase info, link out to the profiles - done.

(Never underestimate the power of lazy-meets-crowdsourcing.)



How about none?

I'd like to do a write-in for Harper Messmer. http://bit.ly/diyqMK


I was going to say pretty much what Tinsel already did; I've heard of one or two of these people but never have seen or heard them.


Oh so good.... but you missed just the BEST band in sl, [ENGRAMA] you can find them in facebook also. I think its not fair, I've never seen this band on a "favorite sl musicians" But maybe is the best for them, couse they are too good and too indie to be in this top 40 list :)


Chou chou is a cd, they dont play live in sl...


Chou chou is a cd, they dont play live in sl...


I'm wondering how much these people get listened to, when so many people are afraid to turn on media in Second Life because of redzone and the other scanners?

kate miranda

I voted for Cypress as he was the only one in your list whose work I know, but I would put a number of SL musicians in the same company whose names I don't see there. Duo Appassionato & both members Young Zeid and Izabela Jarowower, Benito Flores, Zachh Cale, Atheene Dodonpa, Astronimus, Thom Dowd, ... the list goes on... and on.


Who was in charge of choosing these? If you had some of the ones I thought were SL's best, maybe I'd vote. Good luck.

Diane Rose

I know that Cypress Rosewood has many albums available in RL...as Tony Gerber. He also is founding member of the Berlin School Electronica group, Spacecraft, which has nine albums and continues to record and play live. (I'm in that band too. My SL name is Punksatawney Pickles...but I don't get on SL as much as Cypress.)

You can find Spacecraft on iTunes and at CDBaby, where much of the catalog is listed for sale.

nimil blackflag

my favourite sl musician is not on the list, so i'll write her in. aiko gaea. she's not well known and only plays in the club on her home sim but she's an amazing voice and she plays a mean guitar.

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