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Friday, February 11, 2011


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callie cline

awesome post. i always love what you write :)

harper beresfords blog rocks too. thanks for this info! :)

oh and i miss dolly ewing... loved her stuff.

anyway keep up the great work :)

Skate Foss

Sadly Anya Ohmai has been missing from SL for sometime now, hopefully she'll be back soon.

Ptolomey Cortes

Please could you give us a similar write up about fashion blogs for male avatars? We are in much need.

Ananda Wiefel

One of my top is Abra Exonar, she has a unique style! Elettra Blachere is another of my favorite girls, she has a clean and adorable style and her avatar is the most beautiful I've ever seen . I also love Estrella Thespian's blog, her looks are almost always perfect! And I do have some I don't consider them as SL fashion bloggers but as great photographers with photoshop skills: Nana Minuet, SL a porter, etc, artistically their work is cool!

Thiago Burgos

Hi, I just like to suggest that you create a top3 at the http://mytop3.me website, then you can share your top3 link and see the reaction of people (if they agree, disagree, comments, etc).

Maybe you could do this with not lony with iphone, but with Ipad, or anything!

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