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Monday, February 07, 2011


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

No gimmicks aside from mad-science contraptions, but Port Caledon offers such an immersive experience when shopping. I feel myself strolling in an crazed part of a past-that-never-quite-was when I'm there. I always put a suit on the avatar before going shopping.

Such places make me realize why I dislike the SL Marketplace so much: a Web site is not an experience. But I prefer a face-to-face bookseller over Amazon, too (yet I shop at both).

smiles large

A miserable SL (3D) experience made better by a (2D) web-site? No wonder SL has become such a joke.


I love Victorian clothing from BlakOpal. They make elegant formal wear and pirate clothing for both men and women. Their clothes are lovely, move beautifully and come with things in appropriate multiple layers. Their inworld stores are pleasant places where it is easy to find things. Their SLMarketplace store is even easier to use than their inworld stores, and usually features some fantastic freebies.

The granddaddy of immersive SL shopping experiences is surely Grendel's. I am quite sure that MC Escher must have designed their main building - exploring it can easily take an evening, and I've never been able to come back and go straight to any of their items, even if I'm sure I remember where it lives. They have some of the most creative avatars around - see last week's Designing Worlds for examples - and their prices are unbelievably low.

Iris Ophelia

@smiles I don't think that's a fair statement at all. The fact is, BareRose probably has more products available than any other store in SL. Each wall is piled with hundreds of very different things. 3D or not, if you're looking for something there it's like looking for a book in a library without being able to search the call number-- you know the general section it's in, but then you pretty much have to scan everything. Libraries solved this problem with card catalogues and computer searches, exactly like BareRose has.

Hitomi Tiponi

I agree Iris - thanks for highlighting it. I love the stuff at Bare Rose but if I'm looking for something in particular it can take an age to wander round - this means I can now look around quicker and then have a closer look at those I like.

Dylan Rickenbacker

Take a look at Miladys Fancy (that's the name of the sim) - a wonderful little shopping village.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Ditto on the BareRose website, it's what made shopping at BareRose bearable for me. Though I do wish June would put the club/hangout space in a totally separate sim...far far away from the shopping.

I personally love a good simple layout with signage and maps that lets me find the stuffs I'm looking for. Always was a fan of Luth Brodie's layouts and the current Adam n Eve one is great. Truth's is pretty good too...would be even better if he "encouraged" people not to group up at the entrance and actually LEAVE when they're done and not just hang out.

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