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Thursday, February 24, 2011


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Adeon Writer

Who needs practicality? I want this in SL NOW.

Being able to do this is important simply because it's the first thing people will assume motion captured avatars are about. If you have to stop them and say "No, we don't actually do THAT, but..." Then it's all just disappointment from there.

Markus Breuer

Its fun and I am sure it has useful applications, I am not sure, which ones, though.

I don't want to pantomime all day in front of my PC all day, though - and I guess I am not alone. This *might* make sense, if the hardware would be able to detect facial expressions. Avatar communications could be simplified that way.

A one to one translation of my body's movements to avatar movements is a rather clumsy and inefficient way to move my avatar around, IMHO - simply because I can't imagine a lot of situations where I WANT to go through all the movements my avatar performs. I am much too lazy for that ;-)


We need it, at least as a mean to record animations !
I hope it will be quickly implemented on a viewer!

Robustus Hax

This would go along way toward improving the quality of SL Machinima

Arcadia Codesmith

I don't think it's a killer app for virtual sex without some exotic and rather expensive peripherals.

It is a killer app for killing. Bring on the Horde! Let them marvel upon my Florentine cross-slash as the cobbles grow slick with their foul blood!

Then a quick wash and time for some mesh-based dress design!

callie cline

for some things it could be cool but for a lot of stuff. i'd rather have a great dancing animation than dance in my studio and look like a dork :)

Stephen Venkman

I think my ass would get smaller if I actually had to get out of my chair to move my avatar. Could be a good thing for many of us. But.. what about those who can't walk at all in rl, but love SL for that reason alone.. that their avatar can walk, run, jump and of course fly... would flying around the sim be removed because we can't do this in our rl? I'd hate to lose the "magic" of a Virtual world due to real life limitations of movement.


The two examples aren't analogous. SL is networked; this Unity example is fully local.

I would bet the reason the Linden and USC people went with canned animations is that sending the real-time Kinect data over the wire is stuttery and slow and cannot be cached. Look at the video even the local version is stuttery and slow... :) Networked would be way worse.

Canned animations play smoothly on the client once cached and are triggered by a single small network event.

Nathan Adored

Well, one other person here mentioned motion-capture to create animation files with this, and that would likely be one thing this would be used a lot for. One gripe I have with QAvimator sometimes is when I'm trying to create certain, complex poses... where I run headlong into the complete *lack* of inverse kinematics (where you drag the hand one way, and the rest of the arm and then the shoulders follow), making things reaaallllly tedious to get that pose right. I stand, or squat, or something in the position I want to get the av into, and then try to figure out how to get all the body parts into the same place in that window... and there are times when, in frustration, I just say, "Gee, I just want the av to be in the position my body is in! Is that too much to ask?!? I *really* wish there was some dirt-cheap motion-capture doohicky out there I could use..."

Well, now there is. Or, at least, now there's one a'comin'.

Nisaa Genira

As long as someone is also working on the head-mounted display.


Increasingly I'm of the opinion that real-time streaming of your exact body and face is a red herring. After all, even in real life a lot of the time you trigger 'animations' - when you smile, you don't think about all the many muscles involved and exactly how to move each of them - you have a range of smiles, and when you walk, same thing. However, if Kinect is to trigger an animation in my AV it would be nice if it was 'my' animation, tuned to my AV and reflecting 'me' (if I'm not role playing someone else...) - so using the Kinect for MoCap seems a brilliant approach - and lo and behold today I see this http://rock-vacirca.blogspot.com/2011/02/creating-sl-animations-using-kinect.html

CronoCloud Creeggan

Personally, Hamlet, I think it doesn't matter. This sort of setup is far more usable for capturing and creating animations...than for day to day use socializing, shopping, etc.

Arcadia Codesmith

There's no reason both systems can't exist side-by-side. Options are a good thing, not a bad thing.

LifeFactory Writer

I want human to avatar movement very much. For me, this represents the interface cross-over that will bring VWs out of the niche market and into the mainstream. This, and holograms transmitted over the web. :-)

It is also a terrific advance for machinima.

It would be really nice if the camera could also render in-world the physical space one is standing in. Being able to "build" on top of that real space render would make things even more flexible and exciting!


So, when could / will this ability on Kinetic be available?

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