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Monday, March 07, 2011


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brinda allen

Hamlet, Thank you so much for helping preserve the old history.
While I suspect most of the nooblets will never care, quite a few that I meet and attempt to mentor always seem to marvel at the history places (DaBoom, Stellers, Govenors Mansion, Moth Temple, etc.)
I believe a sense of history is what will help to preserve our "culture"... (I know, someone important last year or so said Secondlife has none!)

Laetizia 'Tish' Coronet

I always assumed Torley was one of the originals as well. Maybe because he used to be all over the place back in 06/07 when I was still a tiny Tishie.

FlipperPA Peregrine

Torley was actually a later higher. I think Kelly may be the second oldest tenured Linden who's still there.

echo kinsella

I've been in game since 2004 so I enjoy the time warp...thanks for sharing. :)

Osprey Therian

Andrew's always been my fave :-D


Nice article.

I always love seeing that Linden World video. This is my first time viewing it since Minecraft came about and wow, what a resemblance in some ways.


for SL8B there should be a series of "Tales Around the Campfire" events, where the adventurers of SL can tell the stories of SL history.

Hamlet Au

Very true, Ezra! Imagine if SL had stayed more like Minecraft from the start.

Arcadia Codesmith

So if Google and Facebook and YouTube and Second Life were all interoperable....

It's like getting the band back together, innit?

Kim Anubis

Hooray for Andrew, one of my favorite Lindens! I always recall him overseeing an all day hands-on demo of how to build a snowman in SL at Maker Fair ... the Atlas of our world taking time to show newbies how much fun it is to rez a prim. That is the sort of thing that made SL great.

Here's one Resident who thinks of you and mentally thanks you often, even though you are always hidden behind the scenes. Thank you, Andrew!

Richard Linden

I beg your pardon.

Montana Edo

According to the profiles page, the 10 most aged Lindens are (in order): Andrew, Richard, Dan, Jim, Michael, Kelly, Don, Kona, Callum.

Andrew Linden

Yup James, you forgot Richard who can also remember the good old days at the original 333 Linden St office. Richard is still writing C++ code too.

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Yay for Richard, too, and the rest of the Oldbie Lindens we count on! :)

Hamlet Au

Ack, very sorry about that, Richard, updated! I had thought you started with me on 2nd Street.

Stephen Lewis

Daaang, you guys must be OLD by now.

(formerly Xenon Linden, also old enough to remember the urine smells wafting from the gutter of 333 Linden St.)

Pyewacket Bellman

I REALLY miss the transcripts of Andrew's office hours.
Nice work on the sim crossings!

Andrew Linden

I've started publishing the transcripts of the "Simulator User Group" meetings (formerly known as "Andrew's Office Hours") here:


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