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Friday, March 11, 2011


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Adeon Writer

I tried the app but was disappointed to find the clothing selection 98% female, 2% male. So here I stand in a white t-shirt and black short-shorts.

Rin Tae

"..we need to consider whether the future of virtual worlds and other 3D content belongs to the PC, or to the tablet."

It is safe to assume, that mobile systems (laptops, notebooks, tablets etc.) will continue with what they are doing already. Pushing the traditional PC more and more away from the central position it had in the past. And with this, all content will have to follow and with this also virtual worlds that too will have to find their way into those new platforms.

Hopefully, this also gets the developers of those devices to increase their abilities further, because it is one thing to have nice looking avis and another to have them also walk around a nice looking world. After all I would not like to see a repetition of Google's 'Lively' to be presented as the new big thing in 3D content.


At this point the iOS devices are underpowered from a graphics standpoint. So more advanced features like normal maps and metallic reflections (which I use in my Blue Mars items on the PC) are not being shown. It is also limited in how many avatars and how much of the surroundings can be shown.

These limitations will rapidly change in the next few years, so users on portable devices will definitely increase.

Re: Social integration - One thing Hamlet missed reporting is version 0.87 of the PC client already has a Twitter button added. You can tweet and auto-post a screenshot from within the program.

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