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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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Arcadia Codesmith

I think Cory's a bit over-optimistic. The goal is achievable, but not in two years.

That said, we're nearing a crossroads moment. Facebook would like to be THE hub for virtual worlds and online games. And they will be, by default, unless the industry/community can invent a better alternative.

Rin Tae

He is indeed over-optimistic I think. Technology moves fast and computers are getting better and better but only very few actually keep up with the speed and always get the newest computers.
The computers people have and use only change every few years and even fewer are 'gaming' machienes capable of displaying advanced graphics.

One of the appeal of Second Life for me is actully right in the fact that it is not the top and best when it comes to the visual expereince. It would be nicer if it would of course, but through this, it is playable on a wide range of computers (even when there are some known issues with laptops). So what ever the future will bring, the developers will only succeed if they dont have only the very top performence computers in mind and find and maintain a blance between brilliant visuals and accesability.

Running SL on the web might actually help in this. It all depends on how it is going to be done and from what it is visible right now, the best apporach might be to use the web-client as the first-look entry door for new residents before they decide if being in a virtual world is fun for them or not. And maybe beyond that when using hand-held devices ... but I have my doubts that this will happen as fast he predicts.

CronoCloud Creeggan

He's WAY too optimistic. There's no web browser based game out there now than can match the PS2, let alone the PS3.

Mark C

Javascript can get to 50% of C code speed? Hilarious. Java maybe. Javascript can't get to 5% of C code speed.

Breen Whitman

@ Mark C "Javascript can't get to 5% of C code speed."

Well, your sad, constrained in the square thinking is bearing out to be as retarded at a retard.

Already Google & Chrome is implementing Javascript JIT compilers to byte code.

Entirely predictable except for those of low wits.

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