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Thursday, March 31, 2011


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Emperor Norton

The irony in the contest will give someone an aneurism from all the clotting.

Between the teenage boy faces on body builder bodies and the string bean female body shapes we all have a clear idea of the stupid, hormone crazed ideas women get from the SL Market place. Teh Intertubes long ago have proven sexism isn't just for men.

Rawst Berry

The people in these pictures were told their picture was for the 1000 avatars project, and they got to choose their own appearance. Gracie didn't tell them what to wear. I thought the whole thing about "male gaze" was men choosing the clothing and dialog for females (models, actors, comic book characters, whatever.) Because these men picked their own appearance, not women, this is just another example of male gaze, except this is directed towards themselves. These avatars represent what being a "hot male" means to men, not to women.

Rawst Berry

PS: If you want a real example of female gaze, look at yaoi and shonen ai manga. Obviously that doesn't represent all women, or all western women, but it represents female gaze a lot more than THIS recycling project does.

Arcadia Codesmith

The avatars that compel me to take a second look are not the ones with appearances that scream, "Look at me! I'm HOT!" Being physically attractive in a world where you can buy attractiveness off the shelf is no big deal.

The ones that catch my eye are the ones that make some statement beyond hot and cool. Wit is nice. So is a touch of whimsy or even unabashed sentimentality.

But primarily, the ones I find worth looking at are the ones that say "this is me" rather than "this is what I imagine you dream about".

So subtract shirtless/naked guy with tatts and exaggerated muscles from the above selection and you're left with what I might find 'hot' (if I'm in that rare mood where I have any interest at all).

Journalists in white linen suits are another matter entirely...

Hamlet Au


shockwave yareach

Some people make even the simplest thing difficult.

You create your avatar however you like. You dress it up so that it appeals to YOU, not to the rest of the virtual world. If everyone else stares, so be it. If not, then so be it. And what sex, color, religion, etc the real live driver of the avatar happens to be does not matter -- not one whit. Male avatars run by women. Female avatars run by men. Dog avatars run by cats. Who cares?

Iris Ophelia

@Rawst Your point about shounen-ai and yaoi is a perfect one-- it's male-on-male primarly made by and for women, so if you'd going to find the female gaze in any medium, it would be there, even though the male aesthetics don't always align with Western tastes.

Thaiis Thei

Not hot. Not even one.

Harper Ganesvoort

Maybe a few of them are interesting; but most of them are just a little too funky-chicken for my old-fashioned tastes. (Probably why I like running around in Dior gowns at night in world. Daytime and modeling are another matter entirely.)


I guess I don't get what it is that makes objectifying male avatars a "feminist" art exhibit. Is it the idea of "Look! We're objectifying MEN now, so it's all equal and stuff!"? Taking on the worse characteristics of one side is not equality. It's just taking on the worse characteristics of the other side.

jot zenovka

Who thought this up? Male avatars as a feminist art exhibit? It had to be a guy. Had to. Women will hang out with embarrassing noob male avatars so long as the users behind them are articulate and intriguing.

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