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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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Ciaran Laval

Not quite how I think it should be done and ideally they'd have the InSL logo but I've said before it will be good for Linden Lab when people go to places because of the place and not because of Second Life.

They should at least have the courtesy to acknowledge the platform they're using.

However, yes, when people are going to a game or for education, or music whatever and think of the brand as whom they're engaging with, as in this example, that does have potential for growth.

Adeon Writer

Usually those signing up under this method are restricted to that area. At least that's how teen education stuff used to work. Accounts weren't even able to access regular Teen Grid proper, just the one area they signed up for.

Hitomi Tiponi

An excellent idea - a great way of making conversation class feel a bit more real.

Jon Brouchoud

Over the years, I've variously avoided the name Second Life when describing what I do to others. Love it, or hate it, SL carries a lot of baggage, almost to the point of distraction, and I'd rather focus on the content rather than trying to defend the platform.

If I'm describing my real-world design practice, I would never say "Hi, I use Autodesk Revit." I would talk more about our approach to design, and projects we've completed rather than going straight to the platform. In fact, 9 times out of 10, we can take a project from concept to completion without the client ever knowing or caring what software platform we use.

I realize there's a significant difference though. Second Life is a place, not a tool, but still... I think focusing on the content over the platform is a reasonable approach.

Adeon Writer

I don't want SecondLife haters to go from "That game people with no life play." to "That game that people with no life play that changed it's name because everyone made fun of it."

What's the opposite of a eureka?

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