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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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Arcadian Vanalten

Are the aged/imperfect skins available for male avvies as well?

Iris Ophelia

Yup, Wrigglesworths has options for the distinguished gentleman and lady alike!

ColeMarie Soleil

Tres blah is one of the best skin stores out there... on top of being ridiculously well priced

CronoCloud Creeggan

You've been noticing the return of the "Tableau Girls" and their hand drawn skins they favor, haven't you. :-)

"Tableau Girls is the term I use to describe those petite, big butted cutesy avatars that favor the kind of stuffs sold in Tableau. The spiritual descendents of Arbel, Elka, etc. as it were.

What I want is a skin that makes me look 40...but a "well kept" 40, a la Kristin Davis of SATC or Catherine Zeta Jones, or Laura Bennet of the 3rd season of Project Runway.


MiaSnow makes some great older looking male skins, Arcadian, and they are fairly priced as well.

Also, Pulse recently released some "older woman" skins that are between the young and the Wrigglesworth in age, haha.

Cajsa Lilliehook


You might like these skins: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DEMOs-Pulse-Skin-Alexia-Beige-50/1981516

Alexia - 50+ skins

Iris Ophelia

Return, did they ever go away? From Deimos to Tableau, I'd say they've been a pretty constant fashion force for at least as long as I've been in SL! Don't forget Paper Couture, and the Lovey's skin boom (even though she wasn't a Tableau-er herself).

And yeah I've been hoping for a nice middle-age skin for awhile, too. I'm hoping tattoo layers will be our saviour and someone will eventually release some subtle crows feat and/or nasolabial creases.

Dirk Grantly

Interesting to see this development. A while back, Avatar Island had a place that would take your own photo and turn it into a skin. I did this, photoshopped the colour ever so slightly (I always seem to show up much redder on 'film' than in RL)and wear it always as my default look. It is so close to how I look in RL it's uncanny. Sadly, I don't think that resource is there anymore.

Here's the thing though - in a world of male avis that are all tall dark and handsome, I would show up at a social sim and get a ton of attention because I looked unique and not like everyone else.

Fogwoman Gray

Went to the Pulse link myself. Have been looking for a non-cartoony mature avatar skin forever. A non-cartoon shape would be nice too - the slider is not good at subtle effects of gravity :)
That is a great skin, thanks for the hint.
The Elders skins all are a bit too over the top to be attractive elder lady material.

big pogo

can someone make skins using primbreasts too?

here is nice blog about..



I have a Mynerva skin, I take that back, I have 3 and a handful of her MOCK Makeup sets, they are VERY well done, Great post.

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