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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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Bettina Tizzy

@Kim Anubis - Thank you for phrasing your comment/question as you did. Appreciate that :). I seriously love SL for all the same reasons I loved it before: Incredible user generated content, creativity and collaboration. The 3D immersive aspect of it is a feast for the senses, and the fact that I can log in anytime and interact with people from all over the world is a huge plus, too.

That said, the main reason I left SL was the anger and frustration I felt towards Linden Lab. I'm not talking about the programming. I'm told by people I admire that it's incredibly hard to do.

Linden Lab's astonishing lack of vision, its pathetic marketing and customer service, and then axing its best minds/evangelists like Qarl Linden... with no real improvements in sight. It was alternately breaking my heart and enraging me.

The fact that my real life got way busy and fascinating at the same time didn't hurt.

I don't want SL to go away. I want my friends who make their full time living in SL to flourish and prosper. I still love visiting and experiencing great content.

I'm now convinced that top SL creators need to diversify OFF the SL platform or they are going to have a hard, painful fall.

I'd much rather see the good minds of SL alter its course so that wouldn't need to happen.

Great hearing from you, by the way, Kim.


So, all I want to know is when is LL gonna come over to the Dark Side of Plurk? That's where a lot of us get our information about what is going on in SL and when I say a lot I mean A LOT! Screw Twitter!

Earth Primbee

There is nothing new being faced by SL that in not faced in every organized society. Change's effect is in the eye of the beholder. The trick is the introduction of that change.

Evolution of a world like SL will happen with or without cooperation between the creators and residents. How it is managed and communicated will make the difference in acceptance vs rejection. One thing I've learned in my time in SL is even the best intentions can come across as fascist dictatoring.

One fundamental truth is clear. If your residents feel like your enemies, your doing it wrong. This post has certainly brought many good points up within the community. Carefully consideration of the meaning behind all these emotions this post and the comments bring up will be of great value to the future of SL

Emperor Norton

"Most other Lindens have followed them out the door, and many Lindens have since spoken to me about their frustration (almost aways tinged with affection) with Second Life's userbase, and its resistance to change."

Translated "Those expletive perverts who play Second Life scared off the expletive Wall Street analysts so we couldn't go public and I couldn't get rich quick. Expletive those losers. "

I weep for them.

AldoManutio Abruzzo

@Bettina and I have been going at this on Twitter now for the past hour or so ...

Anyone who thinks of SL only in terms of "social media" is really missing the deeper cultural value of SL. Sure, that's certainly got an impact, but to date, SL is still the most stable, affordable immersive VR environment around. And if the significance of that statement is lost on you, well, what is there to say?

Historically, we are moving increasingly to the use of virtual environments for many aspects of our lives and to lose one that anyone can participate in would be very unfortunate. The fact that LL seems oblivious to this also accounts for some of the anger and outrage against them by the users.

SL was always pitched about its "creator's content" and I fear that most users really don't grasp the deep significance that carries when we talk about the creation of entire environments...it's not just about the shops where you can buy the latest BDSM gear...it's so much more than that and by and large, most folks-including LL- have taken that aspect of it for granted.

Kim Anubis

Hi, Bettina! You wrote just about what I expected. Everyone I know who has left SL recently said something similar. Thank you very, very much for posting that.

I didn't see a thing in there about fearing or hating change, Hamlet. "Whiny" comments on New World Notes have trivial impact compared to customers actually quitting. LL isn't paying you anymore, are they (still have that email address)? If they were, they should fire you for kicking the golden geese.

Put down the tiger blood and drop this us and them garbage, because it is destructive.

Do you rent land inworld, Hamlet? Do you have a shop or office or home? Any pets? Where do you hang out for fun when you log in when you aren't working? What was the last thing you built? Where do you shop? Tell us about your second life, Hamlet, and how your inworld experiences have informed your views of Residents as whiners afraid of change.

Yah, I worded that a little harshly, but you pissed me off.

Deoridhe Quandry

Numbakulla is not dead, actually. The sim is still open and I've been playing it. It's gorgeous, and fun, and I'm having a blast.

Reports of it's demise were overstated. I highly encourage people to go and donate a bit when they do.

Maria Korolov

Hamlet --

You can't blame customers if they're unhappy with a company.

I use SL Viewer 2 whenever I'm in Second Life (despite the sidebar and other UI issues) and have learned to deal with it, because I like media-on-a-prim. (It's great when used with Google Docs to jointly work on spreadsheets, documents, and drawings. Not so good with presentations, though.)

But I keep encountering lag, crashes, and voice problems. I expect that in a new technology platform (like, say, OpenSim) but while OpenSim gets more stable every month, SL doesn't seem to be improving in this regard.

Everyone wants three things from the next generation of their product: Better. Faster. Cheaper.

SL seems to be failing on all three counts. Doubling prices for educators and non-profits didn't help.

After all, hardware is getting cheaper every day. So are network connections. And, with globalized development teams, so are programmers.

Successful companies are making their products SIGNIFICANTLY easier to use, faster, and cheaper.

I believe that SL DOES have the potential to become the gateway to a 3D future that eventually will dominate the way we interact with one another. The Linden Dollar COULD become the default virtual currency. The SL viewer COULD become the default browser for the 3D web.

It will take company leaders with a long-term vision of the company -- not as a short-term cash cow, but as a long-term investment in changing the world.


But then again, let's also consider the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"...


I really hope the people who hate games DO NOT get their way.
I WANT games in SL and specifically I want NPC characters.

Having SL be CAPABLE of game like behavior doesn't in any way FORCE every sim in SL to be a game, it's not an all or nothing.

But because of the whiny little bitches who do not want games and do not want NPCs I am incapable of enjoying proper games in SL alongside all the other stuff that makes SL great. I want it all!!!!


Oh and another thing:

I personally LOVE SL 2.0 over the other viewers. The interface is in no way inferior, it's just different.


Machine: "Almost every SL forum I go on I get the impression that a lot of people using SL would be better off with Prozac. Like I always said to such people and will continue to say, "Please take you negativity elsewhere.""

I can't resist responding to this. Let me ask you: if "almost every forum" you go to has people that are blasting Second Life-- do you think there just MIGHT be a reason for that other than their attitude?

Get real. When a company has that many enemies-- it's usually well-deserved. Again, it's not the customers that are to blame here. If Linden Lab wants to find out where to put the blame... they need look no farther than behind their management office doors. Seriously, this company has more enemies than any company has any right to have. I seriously don't think it's because the users commenting on "almost all the forums" need to take Prozac. Perhaps-- you need to consider a more realistic view of what's really going on with Linden Lab and Second Life to cause such widespread customer dissatisfaction.

I mean, there's SOME reason their user rates dropped 12% in 2010... doncha think?

Wilma Philbin

Wow! What a convenient excuse for not listening to your customers. They are to stupid to know what's good for them?

In SL as everywhere else there is a (healthy) resistance to change. There is nothing good in change in itself. Most people seem to get used to improvements pretty quick though.

I was a vehement defender of v2 when it was in beta. I could see many interesting features in it (I still do) and I assumed that the parts of the interface that didn't work well, such as chat and IMs, with everyday SL life would change with feedback from users. It didn't take long to realize that any feedback would be totally ignored.

Now I look forward Firestorm. That is produced by a team that listens to feedback and constantly communicates with their customers. Funny how people don't seem to mind improvements in Phoenix, isn't it?

I found the rage against the teens moving into the grid to be a tad silly. LL assured nothing would really change, and I am a terribly slow learner (or maybe I just don't expect to be lied to).

I'm lucky cause the business I partner is PG. If it wasn't I'd probably be giving up on SL by now. The not so fortunate businesses have seen themselves subject to whimsical moderation of their SLM descriptions and ratings. Their products are invisible by default in the SLM search.

Politicians have earned themselves a lousy reputation today, precisely because of that attitude to those that feed them.

If LL don't want to communicate with customers I suggest then come up with a better excuse.

We want change if it means improvement, thank you very much.

Alberik Rotaru

No doubt LL will be quoted for centuries in management texts for their new customer paradigm. Not the customer is always right but the customer is deranged.

Foneco Zuzu

And yet not a single word about an official LL here saying this post does not reflects in any way they ideas?
Well Avination all the way I guess!

Botgirl Questi

I just wanted to let you know that I'm not one of the haters. :) I often get tired of the reflexive negative, although I think there are only a handful of extreme cases. I do disagree with your premise that the main problem Linden Lab has is the negativity of the Communities. I don't think it makes sense to blame customers for not being happy with changes to a company's product, including features, products, TOS or whatever. And given the history changes over the last three years (the subject of my last couple of blog posts) I think it's understandable that we are nervous about future changes.

Wiz Nordberg

Hamlet, normally you are a paragon of logic and even-handed reporting. But, in this case, I just have to say that the idea of claiming that a product's failure can be blamed on the attitudes of their customers is preposterous, not just for Linden Lab, but for any company.

Any company whose customers have such a bad attitude that their survival is threatened is suffering from either corporate incompetence, or has decided to enter the wrong market with the wrong product. Customers are the lifeblood of a company. If a company has dissatisfied customers, it is their job to satisfy them, or to direct their attention to another product more suitable.

If any board member of any company were to ask a CEO "Why are we failing?" and received the answer "It' the fault of our customers, they have a bad attitude and are resistant to changes we've made to our product".... well, imagine the reaction.

So, if the users hate Linden Lab and fear change, and that group is a vocal minority, it is Linden Lab's P-R department's job to direct their anger in more productive ways not harmful to their image and reputation. If indeed the group is not a minority, but large enough to be threatening to Linden Lab's survival, then it is clearly and solely the fault of Linden Lab for not listening to their customers, considering the problems they face, and adjusting their products strategy to create greater customer satisfaction.

Companies are to blame for dissatisfied customers. Period.

Kathy Waverider

well.. the basic problem is that LL repeatedly gives the impression that they hate all their existing users and want us to die...and it seems to be across the board.. they've hit content makers, role players, land owners, educators,etc.. pretty much everyone...

that tends to make us suspicious of whatever they propose...

Connie Sec

As a "Hard core" user OF SL ( coming up to 4 years), I personally welcome improvements to SL. What I don't appreciate is change for changes sake. The V2 UI is a case in point. I thought the point was to make things simpler to use. It failed in that regard, and no amount of boosterism will change that. The numbers speak for themselves. That LL actually changed some of the most dissageeable aspect os the UI is to be commended however.
What really irks me is the opaque stats that people base their opinions on. I hate the use of so many accounts by so many people. It Games the system, gives numbers that have no validity and causes distrust and the ability for those with sociopathic tendencies to thrive.
And we wonder why redzone is so popular?..live inworld for a while Lindens..u may get a rude shock.

Saria Faith

I would not mind helping new avatars learn about SL when they first log on. I think there should be a volunteer service for people to spend time in Welcome Areas and do just that. It would greatly improve acceptance of their new environment if someone be-friended them right away and showed them around and how to do things. I know some people do this on their own, but there isn't enough to catch the 86% of users who disappear in a few days. That single, simple service would be the best way to to grow our community.


nwn = new whine notes


You're totally right, Hamlet - from the Board Of Directors point of view. Perhaps also from the point of view of Lindens who still have stock options?
What is the future of SL? To go mainstream, become attractive for an IPO, and get the board and executives rich. If that's the definition of success here, then yes, the residents are absolutely standing in the way.

Let's change the definition of success, then. Because it's the residents who have made Second Life what it is, not the BOD. All they've done lately is make bad decisions that haven't benefited anyone. Viewer 2? Display names? Not wanted, not embraced, waste of money and developer time.

If the BOD would stop seeing looking at it as $econd Life and start seeing it for the vibrant, incredible community it is - they would see it's already a huge success. Stop ruining a good thing because of greed.

Metal Bee

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