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Thursday, March 10, 2011


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Rin Tae

The example given here seems very good in making people want to continue. Of course it helps that it is fashion! ^_^ .. and everyone likes fashion!

But anyway, the point is very true, that even more then getting new users to learn about SL, LL need to make sure that those who come in stay.
And since SL existed, the learning curve for new residents has not only been too high, but also the world lacked a welcoming feel towards new users joining in. With welcome areas being often nothing more then griefing pits and the 'help' available to new residents being marginal at best, it is no wonder Second Life has problems with the growth in user numbers.

After all, what good is bringing in new people when none or very few actually stay?

Adeon Writer

The thing is, LL can't give out money for free or everyone would grind it. In the game you mention, the currency is probably not transferable between accounts. Unless LL were to make a separate credits system, that could work.

Adeon Writer

Then again someone would just earn a ton of stuff across many alts and then use it to buy their main's content... Hm. Are you sure this could work for SL?

Arcadia Codesmith

I think it could work. "No Transfer" prevents alt abuse. And while a deep system would be nice, one that gets players invested for those critical first few minutes, hours and days should be the priority.

Adeon Writer

Would the creator who made the content that the non-trans credits are used on actually get paid? Even if its in more "credits"? If so, it's still gameable. And transferable.

Arcadia Codesmith

Most any system can be abused.

Most any system can include a flagging mechanism to minimize abuse.

I think a system like this, monitored with the right tolerances, could be made unprofitable to cheat without detection.

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