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Monday, April 18, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

Much better! Good to see.


Yeah.. there should be at least a furry and some kind of robot or alien included!

Timo Gufler

Looks very cool! Still, I wish, LL could focus on old user experience as well. You know, the region crossing problems are still there...

Ann Otoole InSL

@Timo I was able to fly across mainland from Abbot's to my home with no issues at all (until i hit a parcel next to mine that had no free prims). Teleports have been around 1 to 2 seconds for me lately. Perhaps you have too much script memory and/or attachments or a problematic HUD going on?

June Stormcrow

Have to agree with Ann on this one. Had bandwidth issues one night and my experience was crap, but in general, sim crossings and teleports have been great for me. I even tooled around mainland a bit last week and didn't want to scream. I don't do a lot of scripted attachments tho, and pull out resize scripts and the like or don't wear the clothes, so your mileage may vary.

Alia Baroque

Great step ahead, even if seems people is having issues in seeing the data, maybe a choice with pictures if the data or browser doesn't load could be nice.

Also there shall be an improvement of the standard LL basic movement, this preview presumes you are already using an AO. We all know that the AO makes more than 50% avatar charme so would be a shame they get discouraged when logging in and moving a bit like pinocchio.

And yes, more imagination maybe to show the actual possibilities of SL on the low range. (aliens, tinies, dragons, furries, orbs, etc)

Nice to see we are getting all polished and cool, I like that, and thanks for keeping track of it Hamlet, without you and Tateru I would have no idea what is going on for new users.

Rod Humble

"Yeah.. there should be at least a furry and some kind of robot or alien included! "

I agree! But just one? We can do better than that :)

Hitomi Tiponi

So far all the changes I have seen since Rod has been getting involved have been positive. At last someone who understands that it is Very Hard for new users to become engaged in Second Life and has the experience and ability to fix it.

Hiro Pendragon

"I think Linden is missing an opportunity to include some non-realistic avatars among its mix"

It's worse than that. They're all the same height and Body Mass Index. At least they have black people - some virtual worlds I've seen don't even have dark complexions.

Argus Collingwood

I think a Tiny would be a great addition to the mix;-) Raglan is always so embracing and fun for all. Channel your inner Warthog or Bunny. Let's get small

Doreen Garrigus

Ooooh! Yesyesyes, Argus! Mr. Humble, could we have a Tiny option, please? We would really love to have more Tinies in the Shire.

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