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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


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Metacam Oh

Do they have Minecrafts permission to sell this?

Adeon Writer

Yeah I feel a little uncomfortable not knowing how Notch would feel about this.

It is really cool though.

Jezbel Madzuko

Hi, Hamlet told me there was some discussion about whether or not I had Notch's permission to sell these. This is a question I've been asked before, and the answer is no. If someone from Mojang were to ask me to stop, as a fan of the game I'd be happy to oblige.

Nelson Jenkins

Oooh, an advertisement.

I was going to purchase this then found that it's just a block of stone.

Built a bunch of Minecraft blocks and created a similar system (but with a full inventory, ores, limited crafting, etc) then realized that I can't sell it due to copyright.

Minecraft itself is more fun anyways.

Nelson Jenkins

Also, fun fact: it would take over 16,000 prims to generate a totally flat layer of blocks on 1/4th of a full region (never mind trees, mountains, underground, et cetera).

So no, it would not be possible to create a Minecraft sim, nor would it be script-friendly.

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