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Thursday, April 07, 2011


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Ordinal Malaprop

How does the visitor count to minecraft.net give us information about the number of players of Minecraft? Does the visitor count of secondlife.com indicate the number of SL residents? Or am I missing something?

Metacam Oh

Minecraft has been purchased over a million times, so I guess you can say yes, they have over a million users. Looks like Notch is also adding rain and snow soon too. Really addictive game, I avoid most of the time, because once I start playing I will break blocks for hours.

Hamlet Au

"Does the visitor count of secondlife.com indicate the number of SL residents?"

Unlike SL, you can actually play Minecraft on the browser by logging into Minecraft.net. And since there's little info on the site except what's directly pertinent to players, I'd say it's a safe bet most of the visits are by players. Especially because they now have 6310105 registered users (paying and non-paying.) A 15%+ monthly active rate is pretty typical for a gamer-type game, especially for one with such obvious enthusiasm like Minecraft, and that would put it well into the 1M+ monthly active rate.

Katydid Something

As co-owner of Molaskey's Pub, my love of the SL music community has been my motivation. And I have always operated under the philosophy that you can't expect the people who attend the shows to support the program. That business model has been proven, time and again, not to work in SL. Therefore the option was to develop the surrounding lands into a commercial/residential area with rents designed to be competitive while covering the tier, with a little left over to supplement the music program.

Because of his work, my partner, Apple MacKay did not have the time to assist me in development of the surrounding properties. He had given his approval as I accumulated lands around the pub but found he could not devote the time to actually help develop the properties to sustain the program. But I truly believe that someone with some creativity and vision could come in and breath new life into the area.

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