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Friday, April 01, 2011


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Seriously. Best solution ever.


Adeon Writer

Soft-Body physics have been added to the official LL viewer. It's implementation is different, in that you only see the effect on those wearing the physics attributes. This should solve the problem.

Ann Otoole InSL

Samples of what Adeon refers to:

Of course Opensource Obscure had a video out early:

Missy Restless

Well, yes and no. I'm guessing prim nipples will still go flying off my breasts in this new implementation. The good news is that I will only see that happening on those that have it enabled, not everyone. The bad news is that everyone will see that happening on me, not just those who have it enabled (as in Phoenix). I would say it's 6 of one, a half dozen of the other unless I am misunderstanding the new physics layer's interaction with prim attachments.

Galatea Gynoid

They'll only go flying off your breasts in the new implementation if you specify you want that kind of breast movement. The difference between the old third party implementation and the new official one is that with the official one, you control whether your breasts bounce or not. Just pair prim attachments with non-bouncy physics assets.

Missy Restless

Yes, the two viewer teams took different approaches. One team (Phoenix) adopted the philosophy of "I want my breasts to bounce but only for those who would like to see that" while the other team (Snowstorm) thought "I want my breasts to bounce and by dammit they will bounce for everyone". Both teams have this as an optional feature to be enabled or disabled by individual avatars although in the Phoenix implementation even if you do not enable breast physics your breasts will bounce if others have enabled that feature. I think both implementations have their pluses and minuses. The point here (in comments about prim attachments losing position due to breast physics) is that both implementations have this problem. Yes, you can choose to disable breast physics in either but you will still have the problem with a very large percentage of the avatars seeing your breasts bounce away from the attachment. The problem is not solved by this new implementation unless everybody chooses to move to the LL viewer and away from Phoenix and even then it is only "solved" if I choose to disable avatar physics in favor of prim nipples. Are you kidding me ?


Like the official way MUCH more. I choose my skin, my shape and yes it is ME who want to choose if and how my body parts should bounce!

And while this physics are transferrable I see a whole new physics economy arrive... and shape designer who MUST add physics to their shapes.

Yes. I love it.

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