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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Commizar Janick

I look forward to the day where, in virtual worlds, hair falls over the shoulders and doesn't go right through them.

Adeon Writer

You mean rigged hair? We're getting that with mesh.

Awesome vid. I'm deeply considering upgrading to get back on SL's top end eyecandy again.

Ann Otoole InSL

hmmm that is not the article i clicked comments on. sorry. seems an issue with typepad.

John Jainschigg

This is a pretty amazing vid. The thing that really gets me is how well the fully-cranked-to-eleven SL graphics (not to mention the avatars' shapes, animations and costume) recapitulate the aesthetics and pacing of high-end anime. Given the Japanese names of the producers, I assume that was deliberate and conscious.

Makes you wonder when the anime community is going to descend on SL-class VWs en masse and start using them as production environments. As the poster says, any problems here aren't about fundamental graphics, but about avatarics and editing, which is something a reasonably well-funded machinimatography team can throw iterations and camera-viewpoints and custom-written gesture software at until it's perfect. So what seems, in places, a little 'off' actually represents no real barrier to efficient commercial production of high-quality content. Certainly it describes no intrinsic failing of the platform by comparison with the agony and vast expense of conventional, frame-by-frame animation.

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