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Friday, April 29, 2011


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Adeon Writer

I was wondering what that VS2010 branch was all about. Great to know mesh is coming soon. Most of the codefixes I'm looking forward and have been following are also on VS2010, so it looks like I'll be getting everything at once. :] Can't wait.

Tateru Nino

End of June, I'm thinking

Nalates Urriah

It will be interesting to see if I got it right. Tateru may be closer to the real date. I'm optimistic, may be overly so.

There is work happening now to move the server side mesh support to the main grid.

Hitomi Tiponi

It looks like this is also the reason why we are getting endless Viewer 2.6.* releases - they are determined to make Mesh appear in 2.7

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