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Thursday, April 07, 2011


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So Sad, I was just there a few weeks ago for a birthday party, I hope a new buyer comes along

GoSpeed Racer

Sadly this rot is spreading all over SL. Many popular venues and businesses are folding up because the economics no longer work. Odds are no one will step in and if they do they'll either fail or never reach the former status. What is needed is some form of stimulus like a price cut in the tiers. (Like that will ever happen).

Effie Emmons

Very sad. However, the first thing a venue owner will tell you, myself included, is that venues do not make money. I only host one big event a month due to the funding. The money to hire artists either comes from my store sales or out of my RL pocket.

So, why do we do it? The love of SL live music and the artists.

Metacam Oh

Nothing makes money in SL these days, not just venues. That is what happens when a Pyramid scheme runs out of new people to prey on, and Molaskey's is a place that you can look at and point to and say this was done the right way and still not able to afford these sim prices, it is sad really, and needs to be looked at long and hard by the Lab. Need to lower tier, get the economy going again, get at least a percent of the population making some money again. Linden Lab is becoming the equivalent to the dictatorship that just takes billions from their country, while 99% of it's people are starving. They need to cut prices or finally figure out how to grow the user base again, soon.

Chestnut Rau

Yes tier is too expensive but paying musicians well is a much larger part of the economic problem. Music venues in Second Life have never been money makers and most don't break even. Katy, Nasus, Apple and Mia kept Molaskey's open as long as they did as a labor of love.

It is a sad day indeed when I think of Second Life without my personal "Cheers."


If they weren't charging $ for tickets to performances, then what was the revenue model?

Ann Otoole InSL

Never heard of it. Another win for LL's Commerce Team. If they don't want you seen you don't get seen. The destination guide is pretty much useless and is not maintained. I tried using it today and landed in the air falling until i landed on a private skybox. Apparently LL has no resources to deal with maintenance and upkeep of the dest guide. And the events system? LL allows the same people to repeatedly violate the rules making it unusable.

If LL wants to survive then they best start a adsense fight with IMVU. Now that avatar physics are in public beta then it is time for LL to get serious. There are loads of underutilized regions. Room for lots of people. Come'on.

Hamlet Au

To clarify my post title a bit, Molaskey's is on the mainland, not a standalone sim. However, if it disappears, the main thing closely associated with the sim for such a long time is going away, even though the actual sim won't.

Katydid Something

As co-owner of Molaskey's Pub and producer of the music program, I was always motivated by my love of the music. I always operated under the philosophy that you can't expect the people who attend the shows to support the program. That business model has been proven, time and again, not to work in SL. Therefore the option was to develop the surrounding lands into a commercial/residential area with rents designed to be competitive while covering the tier, with a little left over to supplement the music program.

Because of his work, Apple MacKay did not have the time to assist me in development of the surrounding properties. He had given his approval as I accumulated lands around the pub but found he could not devote the time to actually help develop the properties to sustain the program. And, like Apple, I work full-time in RL as owner of an advertising agency.

However, I truly believe that someone with creativity and vision can transform the surrounding lands around the pub into a viable commercial/residential area with revenues to support the tier and much of the expense of running the pub. And that would be a Win/Win!

Frets Nirvana

There really is no revenue model for venues in Second Life sadly. The revenue model that Katydid has suggested above is probably the only concept that might work with the way things are in SL at this time. I am sorry to hear this is happening ..but it is totally understandable. The real problem IMO is people have come to expect live music for free. Which is not just in Second Life but all over the web. As a musician that has a lot of investment in equipment, studio building and time I can tell you that it is not a profitable venture either. The only way it could be is if I went with the cheapest equipment and streamed out of my bedroom LOL .....but that is not how I choose to do it. But that is another topic for another time. I wish all at Molaskey's the best ...they have been great sponsors of live music in SL and will be missed big time. They also believed in a quality product and did not want to cut corners.....a true love for the art!


Really sad to see all the wonderful venues closing down. You'd think someone would care? Will miss Molaskey's as it was one of my favorite places to work with Frets. Beautiful venue, beautiful souls associated.

Tricky Digfoot

Thank's to all that do it for the Labor of Love The Musicians and Venue owners or it just wouldnt be! And it indeed is quickley becoming a very expensive labor love at that. I speak as a Performer and Sim owner in SL. I owne a sim for one reason so my friends will have a place to play and get a little more RL exposure,SL is not a place to be a professional musician or make a living just gain a little added exposure at best.

Argus Collingwood

Awww, Katy that is the down side of Musicians & Venues, that pesky Tier and hours of love. To be a Promoter and offer a great Music Hall, one must have unlimited time, love and money. I hope that you can find a buyer <333

Argus & Farr

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