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Thursday, April 28, 2011


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Nalates Urriah

Another shape thing I find people overlook is having a shape for skirts. One needs to shrink their usual butt and hips to something smaller to wear skirts and have them look right.

I have a modified copy of my shape just for use with skirts.

Rowan Derryth

I do that with the skirts too, the day I figured that out was a good one!

I didn't do the shape measurement thing, but I did have a peek at mine and compared. My body fat is at 10, and I get lots of compliments on the 'realistic' curviness of my look (my love handles and saddle bags are higher than average too). I am constantly disturbed at how thin most females look, and how beefed of most males look. It is fascinating.

HALEY Salamon

I dont do ANY THING to change MY shape with skirts I just have a big tush like in RL

Tavish Flanagan

Wonderful setting for the pictures that accompany the article!

Aliasi Stonebender

Kinda funny, my shape's body fat is 26, but my torso/leg muscle sliders are in the 80-90 range (as the shape is deliberately going for that comic superheroine look), which means nearly every bit of primmy clothing I buy has to be modified... or I do the outfit-specific shape thing mentioned here. It's a pain, but until we have an avatar mesh that can flex like real flesh, it's a necessary one, no?

Annechen Lowey

While I do not have a separate skirt shape (bustles are appropriate in most of the areas I frequent), I do have variations, such as a barefoot shape (because someone who is six feet tall does *NOT* have size 0 feet), one for modern dress, with a slightly thicker waist (because there isn't a corset imagined underneath) and still another for kimonos (that is a whole different foundation arrangement).

Still, my base shape is not quite standard in relation to the fashion ideals. The shape I wear on a daily basis was inspired more by Rubens than Vogue. Since I rezzed in 2007, I have only had two negative comments made to me about the shape, and one of those was an atrociously rude avatar that was 0 days old.

I still have to make adjustments to prim attachments, but I am willing to do so to maintain this identity. The fashion designers that provide a shape with their no-mod clothing do not get repeat business from me. I am not here to be their model.

(Goodness, where did that soap-box come from?)


Ophelia's hot. just sayin'

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