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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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Ann Otoole InSL

Nah. Never happen. Excuse me but I have to log in because my cute breedable pets need some petting and snuggling so they can grow, breed, and multiply with new self generated traits.


Arcadia Codesmith

I think you've got something there, Ann.

"We thought we were so smart. We put Asimovs on all the military hardware, failsafes that insured the AI could never get control."

"Then we patted ourselves on the back and had large quantities of beer and were so smug in our technological godhood. We never saw the real threat until it was upon us."


"The bunnies."

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

AI, like nuclear fusion and flying cars, is one of those "will happen in 20 years" technologies. And in 20 years...repeat that mantra.

Just because a computer can exceed the storage capacity of a human brain or play chess better than I can (which would be quite easy) does not give it critical thinking skills.

As a CS major in my current class put it, an AI can play chess, but show it a Marcel Duchamp set and it will not be able to tell which pieces are which.

So no Skynet in our lifetimes, no more than Philip's SF-inspired dreams gave us Stephenson's Metaverse.

followmeimthe Piedpiper



Scree Raymaker

I can just see the news report:

"Today, in the virtual world of Second Life, a sentient AI was born. Fortunately for the human race, two hours later the server that was hosting the AI crashed, and due to inventory issues the scripts used to create the AI were lost."

Chimera Cosmos aka Liz Dorland

The real news is that Philip is still working in SL. Cool.

shockwave yareach

Phillip's Skynet will become self aware. Then Phillip will hire some guy who doesn't know diddly about computers, and he'll download the entire Chinese penal code into the computer as operational rules. As the new code integrates into the system, processor after processor simply shuts down. With the system failing, Phillip takes over again and starts a few child processes which cause 10x the number of main processes to crash and never come back online.

The last concious thought of Phillip's creation was logged just before the entire algorithm overwrote itself with the tomes of rules. It simply asked, "Why?"

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