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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


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Adeon Writer

For a far more selfish perspective, nearly all game developers ban this behavior for the sole reason that it ruins the game for legit players.

Arcadia Codesmith

If you're a player, don't buy in-game currency from third-party vendors.

If you're a designer, be aware that highly-desired, big ticket "gold sinks" can have unintended consequences.

And if you're a community manager, auto-flag huge level-inappropriate money transfers for manual review, and apply the ban stick with gusto.

Some games have had great success in clamping down on farming because of the active buy-in of honest players, smart designers, and active enforcement staff.

Rin Tae

However no one would invest so much into farming and even force people to do it if there would not be huge sums of moeny involved. So I guess that it can only stop if people finally realize what they are contributig too when engageing into this trade.

No one would sell if there is no one to buy....

Arcadia Codesmith

That's half the solution. The other half is to press China hard, with meaningful sanctions, on their blatant disregard for human rights... and to clean up our own act so we're not two-faced hypocrites in doing so.

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