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Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Roland Legrand

awesome! thanks a lot...


Yay, thank you!

Porsupah Ree

Looks quite interesting! I'll be exploring Cull properly over the weekend. First impressions seem good - easy signup, though without confirmation of the email address used, and seems to work as advertised. Sadly, it seems useless at the moment on an iPad, which is where I'd be most likely to use Cull - video playback's in slow motion, and the controls don't seem functional. Given that's not an issue with YouTube, Vimeo, et al, I'd hope that's something that'll be given attention in due course.


Angie Mornington

Watching a video with Stevie Wonder AND Ray Charles singing "Living for the City" live. That did it for me.

Vampira Aristocrat

Awesome! Thanks!


Excelente,sigo atentamente gracias por compartir.

Ferd Frederix

Looks cool, but I hate web sites that load eight (8) tracking javascripts from various places (NWN uses 9, but hey, it's you, Hamlet, so you get a pass.

It seems this site won't load at all when Facebook connect is off. I'm not personally concerned about my online privacy, and many people do need to sell ads and track their content, but it makes me wonder why it won't load without Facebook involved.

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