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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Mauricette Morane

I have this sudden urge to scrap my computer and give up on taking pictures in SL - me and my hardware setup are just not worthy...

Nalates Urriah

It can look even better with shadows on.

I think the DoF effect messes up the video. At first I wondered why the video was out of focus. Then I could see the DoF focus point jumping around.

I definitely need a new video card... 100 FPS...

Adeon Writer

Thanks! Now I know which card to get next. (No way I'm matching his ram, though.)

Casper Jideon

no shadows?


i'll never understand why machinamists don't hire "professional" cameramen to record their footage at maximum quality. (high FPS, high rez, shadows, dof, etc.)

as you can see - nice footage REALLY REALLY makes your work look better.

Metacam Oh

Qarl, you really are not a machinamist anymore if you start hiring people to do the work for you :)

Nightbird Glineux

@qarl: Then so much for DIY...

jjccc coronet

lol i just made this video to test out the depth of field mesh viewer to see what it looks like on video , personally even though im using a fricking Lamborghini of a pc its still not fast enough I want more more more lol try it out i think there getting close to getting it right
wiki for depth of field
download link

Ann Otoole InSL

I saw lag in the video. And that DOF is atrocious. And with that much power then where are the shadows, etc.? Let's add 40 avatars to the scene and see how the powerful computer does. Also 24GB memory doesn't matter since the client isn't going to use more than a certain amount before the SL client mem leaks crash it (somewhere just over 1.5GB used by client).

It doesn't matter how powerful a rocket is if it is chained to the planet it is on.

But still a cool video. And yea I am already planning a video card upgrade. However the latest mesh development viewer won't even load so maybe my quad core system isn't going to work with SL by the end of the year.

jjccc coronet


ok try this one out instead it has shaddows and DOF

followmeimthe piedpiper

My PC is a fricking Lamborghini as well, but the one thing that stops me getting 100fps, and something you didn't mention, is your broadband speed- till I can get anything decent there this smoothness is out the question.

Foneco Zuzu

intel 7
windows 7 64b ulitmate
12 giga ram
nvidia gtx 580
optic fiber connection 200mega
1980 x 1020 full custom graphics
Hardware controled by my gpu, 48qAA, 48 hq antialising.
No shadows.

On my homeastead, avarage fps, 400.
On Led zeppelin tribute last weekend, where the sim crashed 3 times, 30 fps!
ON Laq shop, 20 fps.
No matter what, you always have lag in some places.
But that is a big improvement over my old computer, that already runned SL pretty god, it is:)

Seymore Steamweaver

Certainly beats the pants of my 3yr old macbook's performance. My best fps was about maybe 18. I average around 7-12 though.

jjccc coronet

My only slow down point is i run a 10m bit dsl broad band connection which is why every now and then the video lags a bit but you can hardly notice it most of the time

jjccc coronet


Framerate test


guys... a good director tells a good story - he doesn't need to be the one holding the camera.

do you make all you own costumes too?

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